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PCOM Holds Virtual Research Week

May 26, 2021

Recently, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) hosted a week-long Virtual Research Week to showcase research that has been conducted on all three campuses. Students, faculty, staff and residents displayed posters to the PCOM community highlighting their innovative and collaborative research. This year’s Research Week was hosted virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

"Participation in this year's virtual event was particularly impressive in light of the challenges we faced to maintain research activity with a restricted campus, lab and clinic access, and soaring hospital admissions,” shared Mindy George-Weinstein, PhD, chief research and science officer.

In addition to 142 posters, there were three keynote presentations from PCOM faculty:

David Festinger, PhD, professor, clinical psychology and director of substance abuse research, PCOM
Identifying Optimal Psychosocial Interventions for Patients Receiving Office Based Buprenorphine

Srujana Rayalam, DVM, PhD, associate professor, pharmacology, PCOM Georgia
Many Tales of Adipose Tissue: A Natural Perspective

Winston Price, MD, associate professor, pediatrics and director of pathway programs, PCOM South Georgia
Precision Medicine and the "All of Us" Research Program

This year's winners included:

David Miller, DO ’60, Endowed Memorial Research Day Best in Show Award
Alexis Verwoert (MS/Biomed ‘21)
Pretreatment with Naltrindole Exhibits Robust Cardioprotection in an Isolated Rat Heart Model of Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury

David Miller, DO ’60, Endowed Memorial Research Day Award for Excellence in Research
Cassidy Nieder (DO ‘24)
The Effects Of In Vitro Seizure-Like Activity On Actin Capping In Dendritic Spines

David Miller, DO ’60, Endowed Memorial Research Day Master’s in Biomedical Science Award
Amy Bhatt (MS/Biomed ‘21)
Extracellular Matrix Protection Factor 1 (ECPF-1), a Novel Osteoarthritis Therapeutic Demonstrates Chondroprotective Properties in a Rat Model of Osteoarthritis; a Microcomputed Tomography and Histological Analysis

David Miller, DO ’60, Endowed Memorial Research Day Award in Psychology
Kristen Hawk-Purcell (PsyD ‘23)
The Association Between Trauma History And Body Image, Depression, Posttraumatic Stress, And Relationship Satisfaction In Postpartum Women

David Miller, DO ’60, Endowed Memorial Research Day Award in Alzheimer’s (amended to neurodegenerative disease for Research Week 2021)
David Garcia-Castro (DO ‘23)
Investigating The Activity Of The NAD+ -Dependent Deacetylase, SIRT3, As A Potential Therapeutic Intervention For Spinal And Bulbar Muscular Atrophy E1

Division of Research Award for Excellence in Research - PCOM Georgia
Barkley Smith (MS/Biomed ‘21)
Preparation of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester-Incorporated Nanoparticles And Their Inhibitory Effects On Multiple Myeloma Cell Growth

Division of Research Award for Excellence in Research - PCOM South Georgia
Daniel D. Horuzsko (DO ‘23)
Development of Humanized Mouse Model for Organ Transplantation

Psychology Department Award for Excellence in Proposed Research
Kelsey L. Jones (PsyD ‘23)
Inventory of Cognitive Distortions-Youth Version: The Development and Validation of A Psychometric Test for the Measurement Of Cognitive Distortions

CCDA Staff Award
PJ Grier, MPS, MLIS, associate director, library operations
Ensuring Internet Access During A Pandemic: Piloting A Wifi Hotspot Lending Program

Camille Dillulo Award for Excellence in Research
Dara Tolchin (DO ‘24)
De Novo SOX6 Variants Cause A Neurodevelopmental Syndrome Associated With ADHD, Craniosynostosis, and Osteochondromas

CCDA Resident Award
Hunter M. Hayes, DO, resident, orthopedic surgery
Predictive Factors and Outcomes in Patients with Severe Postoperative Anemia Following Total Joint Arthroplasty

Physical Therapy Department Award for Excellence in Research
Shanni W. He (DPT ‘22)
A Case of Multiple Simultaneous Brachial Plexus Anomalies in One Specimen

Pharmacy Department Award for Excellence in Research
Michael Tucker (DO ‘24)
Anti-Myeloma Effect of Xanthohumol On Multiple Myeloma Cells

The virtual format required a tremendous effort on the part of the Research Week's organizers:

  • Jacquelyn Werner, MLIS, scholarly communications and research librarian
  • Susan Panichelli Mindel, PhD, associate professor, clinical psychology and director of research, PCOM
  • Leslie Pryor McIntosh, PhD, assistant professor, anatomy, PCOM South Georgia
  • Ruth Maher, PT, PhD, DPT, professor, physical therapy, PCOM Georgia
  • Denah Appelt, PhD, director of dual degree programs and biomedical science specialty concentrations, PCOM
  • Dillon McCourt (DO ‘23)

“We'd also like to thank the judges that reviewed the posters and departments for supporting the well-deserved research awards," concluded George-Weinstein.

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