PCOM Georgia DPT Students and Faculty Published in Clinical Anatomy
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Students and Faculty Published in Clinical Anatomy

May 6, 2020

Students and faculty from PCOM Georgia's doctoral and graduate programs will present their research during AACA's virtual conference in June.

All PCOM Georgia entrants, students and faculty alike, who submitted abstracts for consideration to the American Association of Clinical Anatomists annual meeting have been accepted for presentation and publication in Clinical Anatomy, the association's journal.

The American Association of Clinical Anatomists (AACA) advances the science and art of clinical anatomy. The organization encourages research and publication in the field and advances high standards in the teaching of anatomy.

Associate Professor of Physical Therapy Philip Fabrizio PT, DPT, EDD, who was named
PCOM Georgia’s 2019 Innovative Teacher of the Year, said, "My goal has always been to help students develop a passion for anatomy that fuels their understanding and appreciation of the whole patient.”

With that goal in mind, he said the Advanced Topics in Anatomy course was designed to allow Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students the ability to explore and perform research in anatomy. As part of the course, the DPT students are able to submit their work to the annual AACA meeting which is attended by anatomists, physical therapists and physicians from around the world.

Dr. Fabrizio said, “This year I am proud that three DPT student projects will be presented as ePosters at the 37th annual AACA meeting.” In addition, five Biomedical Sciences and two Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) students, mentored by Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy Shelley DiCecco, PT, PhD, will present their work, along with three faculty members from the Department of Physical Therapy.

The annual meeting, which will now occur virtually, will take place at Weill Cornell Medicine, New York City, from June 15-19.

First year DPT student Connor O’Neill, (DPT ’22) said, the Advanced Anatomy course “allowed my classmate and me to complete further research on brachial plexus anomalies that we discovered in a cadaver in the summer term. I’m looking forward to learning and spending more time in the lab and participating in future research opportunities.“

Shanni He (DPT ’22) agreed. "The Anatomy Lab has been one of my favorite experiences in PT school. I loved being able to apply the knowledge we’ve learned about the human body into our dissections, which is also how we discovered the abnormalities in our brachial plexus - so cool!

Attendees can view accepted ePosters and ePlatforms online during the meeting. Evaluations are encouraged.

Student ePosters

Students with ePosters accepted include:

  • Makayla Pierce (DPT ’21) - Unique Doubled Psoas Quartus Muscle Variation
  • Shanni He (DPT ’22) and Connor O’Neill (DPT ’22) - A Case of Multiple Simultaneous Brachial Plexus Anomalies in One Specimen
  • Daniel Copeland (DPT ’22) - Multiple Muscle Variations Altering Femoral Nerve Course and Distal Attachment of Iliopsoas
  • Brandon Boer (MS/Biomed ‘21), Matthew Kayal (MS/Biomed ‘21), Vikas Damineni (MS/Biomed ‘21), Jade Johnson (MS/Biomed ‘21), Yuhyun Kang (MS/Biomed ‘21), Kelsey Rice (DO ‘21), Alicia Schmidt (DO ‘22) - Quantitative Analysis of Cadaveric Pelvic Lymph Nodes
    Mentored by Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy Shelley DiCecco, PT, PhD

Faculty Presentations

Department of Physical Therapy faculty members with presentations accepted include:

  • ePlatform - Associate Professor Philip Fabrizio, PT, DPT, EdD - Does Motivation and Test Anxiety Affect Success in a Physical Therapy Clinical Anatomy Course?
  • ePoster - Professor Ruth Maher, PT, PhD, DPT - What lies Beneath: Ultrasound Imaging brings Anatomy to Life for Physical Therapy Students
  • ePoster - Assistant Professor Shelley DiCecco, PT, PhD - Clinical Relevance of Quantifying Pelvic Lymph Nodes for Predicting and Treating Genital Lymphedema

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