Second Year DO Students Honor Professor Peterson
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Second Year DO Students Honor Professor Peterson

April 29, 2022

PCOM Georgia DO students gather to honor Professor Diana Peterson, PhDPCOM Georgia first and second year DO students gather to honor Professor Diana Peterson, PhD, and present her with a Faculty Appreciation Award.

More than 100 first and second year Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine students recently gathered to surprise and honor Professor Diana Peterson, PhD, with a Faculty Appreciation Award plaque, a dozen red roses and scores of accolades scrolling across a screen.

According to Class Representative Candace Tate (DO ’24) who spearheaded the event, the presentation of a Faculty Appreciation Award by second year DO students began last year and the class of 2024 continued the honor. “We wanted to recognize one of our teachers who embodies everything we look for in a professor, especially kindness and competence.”

She added, “Dr. Peterson pours herself into her work and it’s evident. Her colleagues and first and second year med students have phenomenal things to say about her. We wanted a way to honor her and to show her that she’s appreciated and that the work she does, does not go unnoticed.”

Richard White, PhD, FAHA, chair of the Department of Bio-Medical Sciences, was in on the surprise. He accompanied Dr. Peterson to Lecture Hall B for a noon “meeting.” Clad in purple scrubs, Dr. Peterson entered the room to find students enjoying donuts and coffee, and waiting expectantly for her.

Professor Diana Peterson, PhD, is presented with a Faculty Appreciation AwardWhile looking around the room, Dr. Peterson remarked, “I’m very surprised! The students did a wonderful job. They are amazing. They’re really amazing. This is for them.”

Dr. Peterson has taught gross anatomy and neuroscience for over 20 years, but has taught at PCOM Georgia for just two years. Known for color-coding her lectures, she says she enjoys finding unique ways to help students remember and utilize their knowledge in their clinical professions. During her career, she has taught clinical, graduate, and undergraduate students and has mentored several students in their research endeavors.

Students and faculty expressed their appreciation for Dr. Peterson and her teaching methods. Among the accolades were the following:

“I really appreciate that you take time and color code your lectures, it is so helpful. I further appreciate the effort you place in giving us memory tricks and taking time to explain things in a way that we can understand.  Your dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work show.”

“Dr. Peterson is one of the most dedicated, empathetic, and personable professors at PCOM. She truly cares about students understanding information rather than just memorizing it and moving on. She is a gifted teacher, and an incredible human being. I know I will be a better physician because of her influence on my education.”

“Thank you Dr. Peterson for making complex processes gracefully simple and being proactive in your approach to educating us with great enthusiasm! We appreciate you and honor you!”

“Dr. Peterson, I want to sincerely thank you not only for being a great professor, but also for being so willing to help with club events. You stayed late one evening to help us learn about airway anatomy and intubation. You even taught us about ultrasound and then let us practice on you! We won’t forget the difference you made in our education. You completely deserve this recognition.”

“The ability to explain complex concepts in a simple way is a mark of an individual's mastery of the material. You continue to make our time in school fun and easier!”

“The amount of care, work, time, and effort you put into helping your students is something we will forever be grateful for!”

“Dr. Peterson, Thank you for everything this year! You are one of the best professors I’ve ever had- not only are you so knowledgeable about the subject matter, but you are so extremely kind and patient. My classmates and I look forward to every lecture and lab session with you. We are so lucky to have you as a professor. You inspire us every day!”

“Dr. Peterson is one of the most dedicated and capable medical educators with whom I have ever worked. She consistently goes above and beyond for the service of the students in everything she does!”

“Dr. Peterson, you have always gone above and beyond for your students, never hesitating to selflessly dedicate your time to our education. I appreciated how last year during the virtual period of learning anatomy and ultrasound you graciously used you and your family as models to visualize how to orient the probe, which was extremely helpful to my learning. Also, more recently, I felt very appreciative of how you volunteered two hours of your time for Radiology Club and allowed members to practice hands on with the probe to visualize the liver, kidneys, heart, and uterus, which we never were able to do during the normal curriculum. I can’t imagine the incredible patience it takes to lie still with cold gel on your abdomen in the chilly anatomy lab locker rooms, but your kindness surprised me once again and just reminded me why our medical school is so lucky to have such a dedicated, passionate professor as yourself.”

“Dr. Peterson, thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my fellow classmates. These last two years during COVID have been a struggle for everyone, but you made it possible to succeed in medical school even in the hardest of times. I hope you continue to teach and inspire countless others in the future as you have done for me.”

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