GA-PCOM Staff Profile Series: Jeff Seiple, MBA, LFD, LE
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GA-PCOM Staff Profile 
Jeff Seiple, MBA, LFD, LE

December 21, 2016


Jeff Seiple is the anatomical coordinator/director of the body donor program at GA-PCOM. He said the best advice he has received was "you never know where your journey will take you in life -
treat everyone with respect and remain humble."


The following is part of an occasional series of profiles on faculty, staff and students at Georgia Campus - Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (GA-PCOM). This profile features Jeff Seiple, MBA, LFD, LE, anatomical coordinator/director of the body donor program at GA-PCOM.

What are some lessons you’ve learned over the course of your career?

Relationships matter. I am very sincere when I develop and cultivate business relationships – people respect sincerity. It has gotten me far in my life.

What drew you to GA-PCOM?

I always wanted to direct and grow an anatomical donor program.

Who has influenced you in your professional life?

There are so many individuals that have influenced me; however, I must say that a former boss always pushed me out in front of various industry groups to make presentations. This was certainly uncomfortable for me. However, it shaped my ability to learn how to converse and connect with different sized groups of people and ultimately assisted me in developing my speaking skills. Today, I do 15-25 speaking presentations a year to various groups including colleges, social workers, nurses, case managers and funeral directors. The size of the groups extend anywhere from 10-350 people.

Who has influenced you in your personal life?

My parents and my wife are influences in my personal life.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

You never know where your journey will take you in life – treat everyone with respect and remain humble.

Who are/were your role models and why?

A funeral director from my youth made a huge impact in my life. My father passed away just before I started my high school sophomore year. The funeral director was so kind and literally attended to every detail of my father’s death. I remember sitting in the church on the day of my father’s funeral and thinking that I wanted to help people like this person had helped my family. On the day of my father’s funeral service, people at the church heard a eulogy – I heard a calling! This passion of wanting to assist others in times of grief continues today as I frequently assist donors and their families with questions regarding our body donation program.

Truett Cathy, founder of the Chick-Fil-A Corporation, has also been a role model for me. Years ago I asked him to speak to a management class I was teaching. To my surprise, he graciously accepted my invitation. In his speech, he mentioned that he believed in giving back to others in order to make a difference in people’s lives. His words have always inspired and resonated with me.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Interacting with everyone on the GA-PCOM campus. Also, I enjoy working with our donor families. It is truly rewarding in itself to work with such great people that want to give back to medical education. There is no higher calling, in my opinion, than to be of service to your fellow man. In essence, our wonderful donors and their families epitomize the true spirit of generosity.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I don’t know whether there is such a thing as a typical day for me! I generally receive phone calls anytime during the day and/or night regarding donorship. Usually, it is a family member calling on behalf of an imminent death in their immediate family. Other times, social workers or nurses call me regarding donor requirements. As a licensed funeral director and embalmer, I understand that death can happen at any moment regardless of the time of day. My background and training have equipped me well to direct our donor program and work effectively with the public 24/7.

Tell us about some of the proudest moments in your life?

There are many outstanding moments in my life. However, I must say that one of the highlights of my life has been as a member of the GA-PCOM “Structural Principles of Osteopathic Medicine” (SPOM) Team. It has been so gratifying to work with and learn from all of the talented doctors on our team. The team brings their “A” game to the anatomy lab during each lab session. The dedication and time that everyone puts into SPOM exudes true professionalism and commitment.

Also, I was very honored to be named a 2015 Frontline Champion at the Champions of Healthcare Awards Ceremony given by GA-PCOM. In 2016, Brenau University inducted me into the 2016 Alumni Hall of Fame.

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