Class of 2024 Celebrates Halfway Mark with Pinning Ceremony
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Class of 2024 Celebrates Halfway Mark with Pinning Ceremony

May 6, 2022
The PCOM Georgia DO class of 2024 celebrates at their Pinning Ceremony.
A class of 2024 DO student receives their pin.
Assistant professor Joy Zarandy, DO ’13 prepared a cake for the class of 2024.
A class of 2024 DO student receives their pin.
Faculty members surprised the class with a choreographed rendition of "Surface Pressure”
DO class of 2024 students display their awarded class “superlatives”
DO class of 2024 students display their awarded class “superlatives”
DO class of 2024 students attend their Pinning Ceremony

PCOM Georgia class of 2024 osteopathic medical students attend their Pinning Ceremony.

Dubbed a “family reunion” by its creators, Sahara Peters (DO ’24) and Brittney Henderson (DO ’24), the PCOM Georgia DO class of 2024 Pinning Ceremony and reception were held recently in the college’s Atrium.

Peters explained that celebrating the hard work of the PCOM Georgia DO class of 2024 was the primary goal of the ceremony. “Over the last two years, my classmates have worked so hard to come together and support one another through our first two years of medical school all while a pandemic was happening!”

“I am very proud and happy to say that we rose to the challenge, shared in camaraderie, never put one another down and made lifelong friendships along the way.”

Henderson noted that due to COVID-19, the class of 2024 never had a chance to come together as a whole class for an in-person white coat ceremony. “We missed that bonding experience so this is our make-up event,” she said.

The ceremony marks the end of classroom training as the students begin their third year clerkships or rotations with regional hospitals and physicians.

Andrea Mann, DO, dean and chief academic officer, addressed the class. She said, “We are celebrating the halfway mark of your education - you are halfway to being a doctor right now! How does that feel?”

She asked the class to think about all they have learned so far. “We challenged you this year,” she said. “We gave you practical experience and active learning.”

When she first met them, she said she saw “anxiety, trepidation, and yet cautious hope” in many of their eyes. “Now when I look at you, I see something different. Confidence.”

Henderson noted that the ceremony was also a chance to have a class photo taken before class members move to rotation sites across the state and beyond. A photo booth also added to the event.

Faculty members began pinning students with PCOM pins rather than the special pins designed by a class member. The custom pins were delayed due to the logistics issues the pandemic has wrought. As the students have learned to do, they took this matter in stride and pinned each other.

Having interacted with each other throughout the pandemic, class members knew each other well enough to name class of 2024 “Superlatives.” Resembling the Academy Awards, the winning names were delivered to the podium in a silver suitcase by Aly Saleh (DO ’24). They include:

  • Most Likely to Brighten Your Day - Cinqua Marzett (DO ’24) and Lexi Katz (DO ’24)
  • Most Likely to Score 999 on COMLEX - Robert Griffin (DO ’24) and Brian Goldstone (DO ’24)
  • Most Dedicated to Attending Lectures - Joe Tiller (DO ’24) and Bascom Raulerson (DO ’24)
  • Most Likely to have a Dedicated Patient Base - David Davis (DO ’24) and Angelica Gonzalez (DO ’24)
  • Most Gentle (Future) Doctor - Janine Kfouri (DO ’24) and Karan Soni (DO ’24)
  • Least Likely to Crack under Pressure - Brittney Henderson (DO ’24) and Alex Christianson (DO ’24)
  • Inseparable Duo - Dennis Chen (DO ’24) and Liz Ahn (DO ’24)
  • Inseparable Trio - The Jessicas - Jessica Kim (DO ’24), Jessica Radchuck (DO ’24) and Jessica Dusek (Kraft) (DO ’24)
  • Class Parents - Sahara Peters (DO ’24) and Rachel Rabioli-Brosious (DO ’24), Sarah Kyle (DO ’24) and Apple Liu (DO ’24)
  • Most Likely to Become Surgeon General - Sam Ross (DO ’24) and Dusan Sojurner (DO ’24)
  • Most Likely to Star in a Medical Reality Show - Peter Choi (DO ’24) and Meghan Brennan (DO ’24)
  • Most Likely to Drop What They’re Doing to Help Others - Jasmine Ito (DO ’24) and Francis Chiefe (DO ’24)
  • Most Likely to Know Everyone in the Room - Soroosh Parsa (DO ’24) and Jamal Craddieth (DO ’24)
  • Class Parliamentarian - Aly Saleh (DO ’24)

Following the ceremony, faculty members surprised the class with a choreographed rendition of "Surface Pressure,” a song from the 2021 American musical Encanto about the crushing weight of expectations.

The talented performers included David Adelstein, DO, professor; Ann Contrucci, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics; Renee Himmelbaum, DO ’13, clinical assistant professor of pediatrics; Dr. Mann; Michael Waters, Jr., DO, associate professor and chair of primary care; and Joy Zarandy, DO ’13, assistant professor, who also made two physician-themed cakes for the occasion.

Peters said, “It was our hope that the pinning ceremony would help our classmates feel excited about the future, while also acknowledging all of the efforts we've invested thus far. Based off of the smiles, cheers, tears and laughter, I think we did just that.”

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