Emergency Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor

Robert Bassett


Office: 856-777-8699

After shockingly not getting drafted by the NBA, this Division III All-Star graduated Brandeis University and decided to go “PRO” in medicine. Following four amazing years at PCOM, Dr. Bassett served a residency in Emergency Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis.

After residency, then Captain Bassett began his service as an active duty medical officer in the United States Army. He served one tour of duty in Baghdad, Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom and received several Army Commendation medals.

After completing his military commitment he fulfilled another sacred oath (to his wife): to settle back in Philadelphia. Dr. Bassett then completed a medical toxicology fellowship at Einstein Medical Center.

Most recently Dr. Bassett has served as core faculty in the Emergency Medicine Residencies at Einstein Medical Center and Kennedy Health/Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Bassett also has an active medical toxicology practice and is a consultant with Philadelphia Poison Control/Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

When not pontificating over emergency medicine/toxicology, Dr. Bassett treasures his time with his wife Blair Hontz (D.O. '07), son Graham, and their two boxer pups.

  • Education

    • Fellowship, Medical Toxicology, Einstein Medical Center; Philadelphia, PA.
    • Residency, Emergency Medicine, Indiana University; Indianapolis, IN.
    • D.O., Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine; Philadelphia, PA.
    • B.A., Biology, Brandeis University; Waltham, MA.
  • Courses

    • Emergency Medicine II (MS2)
    • Evidenced Based Medicine: Preventive & Community-Based Medicine (MS2)
  • Selected Publications

    Ghaffarian, K., Furin, M., & Bassett, R. (2016). ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction in a young female? Consider spontaneous peripartum coronary artery dissection. The American Journal of Emergency Medicine. doi:10.1016/j.ajem.2016.08.064

    Tocco, D. B., Bassett, R. A., & Fitzgerald, J. (2016). A 5-Year-Old Boy With an Acute Onset of Emesis, and Throat and Chest Pain, After Taking a Drink. Pediatric Emergency Care, 32(6), 419-421. doi:10.1097/pec.0000000000000846

    Bassett, R. A. (2015). Finger Pain out of Proportion to Exam: A Case of Occult Hydrofluoric Acid Toxicity. Medicinal Chemistry, 5(3). doi:10.4172/2161-0444.1000257

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    Selected Presentations

    Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in a case of acute 1,1- Difluoroethane toxicity. Oral presentation. North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology, New Orleans, LA. September 2014.

    Crushing medication error: calcium–channel blocker toxicity following administration of a crushed extended–release tablet of nifedipine. Poster presentation at North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology, New Orleans, LA. September 2014.

    Dust–off the ECMO, my patient just inhaled 1, 1– difluoroethane. Poster presentation at North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology , New Orleans, LA. September 2014.

    Hypocalcemia Associated with 1,1-Difluoroethane Inhalation. Poster presentation at North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology, New Orleans, LA. September 2014.

    Drugs of Abuse, an Update for 2016. Platform presentation. Pennsylvania ACEP Scientific Assembly. King of Prussia, PA. April 2016.

    One Pill Kills That You Need to Know About. Oral presentation. Pennsylvania ACEP Resident’s Day, Philadelphia, PA. September 2015.

    Management of Bleeding Events Associated with Novel Anticoagulants. Past, Present, and Future. Oral presentation. City Wide Toxicology Day, Philadelphia, PA. October 2014.

    An Atypical Case of Coma Blister. Grand Rounds, Philadelphia Poison Control Center, Philadelphia, PA. March 2014.

    Toxicologic Causes of Cardiovascular Collapse. Advanced Emergency Medicine Conference, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia, PA. March 2014.

    Two for the Price of One: A Common Poisoning Complicated by Pregnancy. Grand Rounds, Philadelphia Poison Control Center, Philadelphia, PA. February 2014.

    A Case of Intentional Methotrexate Toxicity- A Review of the Best Evidence-Based Recommendations. Grand Rounds, Philadelphia Poison Control Center, Philadelphia, PA. October 2013.

    Trauma Management and Damage Control Resuscitation, TTUHSC Regional Clinical Simulation Conference: A shifting paradigm for sustainable clinical proficiency of 21st century healthcare practitioners, Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, El Paso, TX. June 2013.

    Emergency Department Procedural Sedation of Elderly Patients: Is it Safe?
    Indiana ACEP, Indianapolis, IN. April 2009.

  • Memberships

    Fellow of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine
    Fellow of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia