Michael Selby, PhD | PCOM Georgia Faculty
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Associate Professor of Anatomy

Dr. Selby’s primary teaching responsibility is gross anatomy, both lecture and lab, for first year DO students. He has taught anatomy, both human and comparative vertebrate, to medical, pharmacy, undergraduate, and community college students. He is also involved in teaching and mentoring in the biomedical sciences program.


PhD, Biological Anthropology, Kent State University
MA, Anthropology, Kent State University
BS, Anthropology and Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison


DO: Structural Principles of Osteopathic Medicine (SPOM)
Biomed: Biostatistics and Microanatomy and Embryology (MAE)


Dr. Selby’s research focuses on the evolution of limb morphology. His interests are on the interpreting locomotor behavior from skeletal morphology. In particular, his research investigates the primate forelimb skeleton, to reconstruct the locomotor behaviors of ancestors to modern humans and great apes. He is also interested in the processes of skeletal development, as a way to determine how skeletal features arise, which can aid interpretation of fossil material.