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Fuller Publishes Article in Scholar: Pilot and Validation Studies

December 15, 2021

Dr. David Fuller published a case report and novel model proposal explaining the notalgia paresthetica condition and how it can be treated with OMM.

Fuller Publishes Article in Journal of the American Osteopathic Association

October 21, 2020

Dr. Fuller describes using OMM and heel lift therapy to treat a patient with idiopathic iliohypogastric neuralgia and lumbar degenerative disc disease.

OMM Hospital Consult Service Published in JAOA

April 1, 2020

In a letter to the JAOA editor, Dr. Fuller reported on OMM consultations commonly used to treat hospitalized patients.

Noto Bell Publishes Article on Increasing Ankle Motion in Swimmers

September 1, 2019

Dr. Lauren Noto Bell describes significantly increasing ankle motion in competitive swimmers by treating them with OMM techniques.