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Virtual Happier You Comes to PCOM Healthcare Centers 
Positive Thinking Program

September 13, 2021

PCOM's A Happier You program promotes positive psychology and tips for well beingStarting this fall, PCOM Healthcare Centers are now offering all patients access to A Happier You, a seven-week program based in positive psychology and designed to boost participant levels of well-being and resilience.

Sessions will be fully virtual and facilitated by Scott Glassman, PsyD '13, PCOM alumnus and clinical associate professor in the School of Professional and Applied Psychology, as well as a team of current MS in Mental Health Counseling students. Dr. Glassman and his team guide participants through a fun, active and uplifting curriculum that includes gratitude practice, personal strengths exploration, acts of kindness and mindfulness skills training.

Past participants in the program have commented that it has helped them shift their mindset in positive and hopeful ways as they confront the ongoing stress of the pandemic. Dr. Glassman said, "We help participants take more control over their emotional experience by helping them develop a habit of 'savoring.' They are able to find more meaning in the good things that happen to them each day by being curious and mindful when those moments occur."

PCOM's Dr. Scott Glassman oversees the A Happier You programDr. Glassman explained that the virtual group format of the program creates a positive "social contagion" effect, meaning that when one person shares a good memory or personal strength, it encourages others in the group to do the same. "Good feelings  tend to spread when we share them," he explained.

The Happier You virtual program is supported by the Independence Blue Cross Foundation's Blue Safety Net Program, whose mission is to increase access to quality medical and behavioral healthcare in vulnerable and underserved communities. Dr. Glassman and his team are excited that, with IBC's support, A Happier You will be repeated three more times through 2022, extending its reach across PCOM's Healthcare Center communities.

PCOM's A Happier You positive psychology program for patients"The close collaboration between psychology and family medicine here at PCOM helps us deliver innovative whole person care through programs like A Happier You," Dr. Glassman said. "It's very special to be a part of it."

Please visit pcomhealth.org for more information about A Happier You and to register for an upcoming session.