Kudos - September 2019: PCOM Faculty, Resident and Student Accolades
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September 2019

September 30, 2019

The September 2019 edition of Kudos highlights faculty, staff and student publications and accolades at PCOM, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia.

Jacob Burdett, DO, resident, otolaryngology and Alexander Manteghi, DO, resident, otolaryngology, co-authored “An Unusual Presentation of Subglottic Stenosis Necessitating Urgent Tracheostomy,” which published in the Ear, Nose & Throat Journal.

Kamran Namjouyan (DO ’21) co-authored “Failure to Restore the Calcar and Locking Screw Cross-Threading Predicts Varus Collapse in Proximal Humerus Fracture Fixation,” which published in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.

Jason Cohn, DO, resident, otolaryngology and Jordan J. Licata, DO, resident, otolaryngology, co-authored “Comparing Urban Maxillofacial Trauma Patterns to the National Trauma Data Bank©,” which published in The Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology. Dr. Cohn was also sole author on “Introducing a Novel Diagnostic Modality for Thyroid Cancer: Thyroidography,” which published in the Journal of Investigative Surgery and co-authored “Multilevel Sleep Surgery Including the Palate in Nonsyndromic, Neurologically Intact Children with Obstructive Sleep Apnea,” which published in the journal OTO Open and “Temporal Augmentation: A Systematic Review,” which published in the journal Facial Plastic Surgery.

Marina D’Angelo, PhD, professor, anatomy, co-authored “Assaying Endogenous Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) in Acid-Etched Dentinal Cavity Walls,” which published in Dentals Materials Journal.

Matthew DiMeglio (DO/MBA ’20) co-authored “Implications of Chronic Opioid Therapy on Perioperative Complications and Long-Term Surgical Recovery,” which published in the journal Translational Perioperative and Pain Medicine.

Terri Erbacher, PhD, clinical associate professor, school psychology, spoke on a panel titled, “Understanding Trauma and its Impact on Our Children” at the Delaware County District Attorney 2019 Safe School Summit.

Marc-Eli Medina Faldas (DO '22) authored the chapter "The Stress of Caregiving," in the book Memory Loss and Aging, published by Jocelyn H. Bruce-Gregorios, MD, founder of the National Alliance to Nurture the Aged and the Youth.

David S. Festinger, PhD, professor, psychology, co-authored “Do Peer Recovery Specialists Improve Outcomes for Individuals with Substance Use Disorder in an Integrative Primary Care Setting? A Program Evaluation,” which published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings.

Joseph F. Georges, DO, resident, neurosurgery; Amber Valeri, DO, resident, neurosurgery; Aaron Brooking, DO, resident, neurosurgery; Michael Kakareka, DO ’14, resident, neurosurgery; and Denah Appelt, PhD, director, bio-medical sciences co-authored “Delta-Aminolevulinic Acid-Mediated Photodiagnosis in Surgical Oncology: A Historical Review of Clinical Trials,” which published in the journal Frontiers in Surgery.

Elizabeth Gosch, PhD, ABPP, chair, counseling and director, mental health counseling and
counseling and clinical health psychology, co-authored “Symptom-Specific Effects of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Sertraline, and Their Combination in a Large Randomized Controlled Trial of Pediatric Anxiety Disorders,” which published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, and Applied Disciplines.

David Lafferty, DO, resident, otolaryngology, co-authored “An Interesting Secondary Airway Lesion in an Infant with Laryngomalacia,” which published in the Ear, Nose & Throat Journal.

Jasmine Nguyen (DO ’21) co-authored “Surgically Enucleated Gastrointestinal Tumor of the Rectovaginal Septum,” which published in the journal Cureus.

Jude Opoku-Agyeman, DO, resident, plastic surgery and Jamee Simone (DO ’22) co-authored “Surgical Configurations of the Pectoralis Major Flap for Reconstruction of Sternoclavicular Defects: A Systematic Review and New Classification of Described Techniques,” which published in the journal BMC Surgery.

Brooke D. Saffren (DO ’21) co-authored “Ocular Manifestations of Emanuel Syndrome,” which published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A.

Dianzheng Zhang, PhD, professor, bio-medical sciences, co-authored “A Renal Cell Carcinoma with Biallelic Somatic TSC2 Mutation: Clinical Study and Literature Review,” which published in the journal Urology. Dr. Zhang also co-authored “MTA3-SOX2 Module Regulates Cancer Stemness and Contributes to Clinical Outcomes of Tongue Carcinoma,” which published in the journal Frontiers in Oncology.

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