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Founders' Day 2020

February 19, 2020
By David McKay Wilson

The annual observance of Founders’ Day honors the forbearers of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine: Oscar John Snyder, DO, and Mason Wiley Pressly, DO. This year’s honorees are examples of those who continue to embody the dedication, loyalty and service that the College’s founders exhibited.

Professional headshot photograph of Arthur J. Sesso, DO ’81 Professional headshot photograph of Monique Gary, DO '09

Arthur J. Sesso, DO ’81
O.J. Snyder Memorial Medal Recipient

Monique Gary, DO '09
PCOM Alumni Association Certificate of Honor Recipient

Professional headshot photograph of Kathleen Ackert, DO '20, wearing her student physician white coat Professional headshot photograph of Abdul A. Walters, MS/Biomed '16 (DO '20), weaing his student physician white coat

Kathleen E. Ackert (DO '20)
Mason W. Pressly Memorial Medal Recipient

Abdul A. Walters (DO '20) (PCOM Georgia)
Mason W. Pressly Memorial Medal Recipient