PCOM OneCard

The OneCard is the official identification card for students, employees and tenants at PCOM.

This card is to be displayed on you at all times while on campus.

In addition to serving as your ID card/badge, the OneCard also allows access to certain facilities, serves as your PCOM library card and can be used in cashless vending (if you have chosen to deposit money on your card).


Use your myPCOM user ID and password to login to the OneCard system.


Funds & Fees Information

  • There are no monthly service charges or annual finance charges with your OneCard.
  • There are no fees for opening or maintaining your account regardless of how long you have it.
  • You can draw on these funds by presenting your OneCard at participating campus locations.

Manage Your OneCard

Login to view your PCOM OneCard balance and add funds.


Use your myPCOM user ID and password to login to the OneCard system.


If you receive a "timed out" error when making a deposit to your OneCard, please check the balance on your OneCard before attempting a second deposit. In most cases, the first deposit did go through to your OneCard. We are working with the company to resolve this issue.

Replace a Lost or Stolen Card


  • After completing the Google form, You will be contacted via your PCOM email address by the PCOM Bursar Office to schedule a time for replacement.
    • Please note that the process to obtain a replacement OneCard is not immediate and may take a few hours (or even up to the next business day depending on when the request is submitted). Please do not fill out the Google form multiple times.
  • You will be notified via your PCOM email address when the replacement OneCard can be picked up.
    • If you are requesting a new picture, you will be notified via your PCOM email when you can come to the office to take a new picture.
    • Pennsylvania campus students will visit the Bursar's Office (Rowland Hall, 2nd floor, suite 203).
    • Georgia campus students will be contacted by a GA-PCOM distribution services staff member.
  • Your current photo will be used for your replacement card at the cost of $10.
    • And additional $5 will be charged for any replacements where a picture change is also requested.
    • Payments can be made in cash or check.
  • If you find your original OneCard before you receive the email notification, contact our office immediately to stop the process.
    • If the new badge has already been created, you will be responsible for the replacement fee.
    • The Bursar’s Office can be reached at 215-871-6189 or at BursarOffice@pcom.edu.