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Disability Accommodations

All requests for information should be emailed to the Equity and Title IX Coordinator at The Coordinator will provide the student with the PCOM Guide to Disability Services as well as instructions for the accommodation request process. Once all required documentation is submitted, the review process will begin.

The Equity and Title IX Coordinator will notify the student of the outcome of the accommodation request, and a plan for implementing any approved accommodations will be set in motion. Accommodations requested and approved after the academic year begins are not retroactive.

Students requiring accommodations are advised to contact the Office of Student Affairs on either campus as soon as possible to begin the formal request process.

If you have not been tested for a learning disability, but you suspect you might have a learning problem, the Office of Student Affairs can provide you with a list of licensed agencies qualified to perform the diagnostic evaluation. The cost is paid for by the student. PCOM does not provide learning disability testing.

How Do I Apply for Disability Accommodations?

If you indicated on the technical standards form that you need special accommodations, you will be receiving a packet with required forms and documentation.

Students in need of special testing or learning accommodations will need to complete these forms and documentation to acquire accommodations. We will work with you to ensure that your documentation is complete, and that your accommodations are met. If you have questions, please email