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Krysten McNaught, PharmD ‘22 
Doctor of Pharmacy

May 17, 2022

Krysten McNaught, PharmD ‘22

From New Jersey to New York, to Georgia to New York City, Krysten McNaught’s path to a career in pharmacy was inspired by her mother, a pharmacist in Jamaica who laid the groundwork for her chosen profession.

She said her early interest in pharmacy bloomed into full-blown passion during her first hospital pharmacy experience as a volunteer. McNaught decided to pursue a pharmacy degree because she found it offered a “plethora of career opportunities that bridge the gap between my love of the basic sciences, patient advocacy and education.”

McNaught grew up in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, and completed pharmacy prerequisites at the University of Buffalo, before matriculating into pharmacy school at PCOM Georgia. She will begin a pharmacy residency program at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, a 799-bed teaching hospital, in New York City this summer.

Ultimately, it is McNaught’s desire to work as an adjunct clinical faculty member with an aim to highlight pharmacy practice as it relates to the social determinants of health. She aspires to build an inter-professional network of like-minded healthcare professions to “mentor and pour into the upcoming generation of healthcare professionals with a goal of providing equitable and attainable health care to those in need.”

Having graduated with a high school class of 60 students from the Academy for Allied Health Sciences in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, McNaught said she intentionally chose to attend PCOM Georgia because of its small student community and opportunities for one-on-one mentorship with professors.

She works to surround herself with people who inspire her including humble and confident workers. She said, “I’m motivated by those who are aware of their capabilities and continue challenging themselves in ways that expand their expertise.”

She advises prospective pharmacy students “when faced with a challenge, your thoughts and overall mindset are ultimately the most important factor. Always think positive, even when you can’t see a silver lining.” She firmly believes, “You will attract what is meant for you, if you are always true to yourself.”