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Jacob Newsome, MS/PA Studies '22 
MS in Physician Assistant Studies

July 8, 2022

Jacob Newsome (MS/PA ’22)Jacob Newsome knew from an early age that he wanted to work in health care. The question was — in what capacity?

After experiencing various clinical rotations and shadowing opportunities, Newsome decided to pursue a master’s degree in Physician Assistant (PA) Studies at PCOM Georgia. He was attracted to the profession because of the relationships he felt he could forge with his future patients. He said, “I want to form trusting relationships with people in order to care for them the best way possible.”

He also found the profession provides versatility. “I wanted to be trained as a versatile provider who can wear varying hats throughout my career,” he said.

The College attracted him because of the small campus community and the feeling of family he received from the PA faculty members during the interview process.

Family is important to Newsome. He feels that being a physician assistant provides work life balance. He says it’s his wife and family members who inspire him “to be the best version of myself and to treat all of my patients as if I were treating my closest relatives.”

Newsome is part of the U.S. Navy Health Services Collegiate Program that enabled him to enlist in the navy and be commissioned as a Lieutenant Junior Grade medical officer upon graduation. His future plans include working as a physician assistant in the U.S. Navy treating and caring for the nation’s service men and women and their family members in the navy and marine corps.

When he’s not studying or working, Newsome enjoys a number of active sports like running, lifting weights, hiking, cycling, surfing, snowboarding and playing golf. He also enjoys volunteering, having been elected as the vice president of the PA class council, providing his expertise as a participant in the PCOM Georgia vaccine clinics in the spring of 2021, and working with the Georgia Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Newsome was raised in southern New Jersey and graduated from Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia. He then completed a certificate program from the George Squared Advanced Biomedical Sciences Program at George Mason University and Georgetown University in Fairfax, Virginia, prior to matriculating into the PA program.

Newsome would like to remind all of the future PA students to never forget why they applied to the program and want to be a healthcare provider. “The program and school are going to be difficult and there is no avoiding that, but as long as you remind yourself why you are going through the hardships, you will make it through successfully and your dreams will become a reality.”