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Lauren Gaddis, MS/Biomed ‘21 
MS in Biomedical Sciences/Medical Simulation Concentration

July 20, 2021

PCOM Georgia graduate Lauren Gaddis, MS/Biomed '21, graduates with a concentration in medical simulation and landed a job at a med sim technology company.A diagnosis 18 years ago led Lauren Gaddis, MS/Biomed ’21, to a healthcare career.

“I have loved science for as long as I can remember, however it was my little brother’s diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes in 2003 that truly led me to want to pursue a career in medicine.

She devoured everything she could about the condition and learned to check her sibling’s blood sugar levels and give him injections. “I knew from that point on I wanted to work in medicine. I just had to find my special niche,” she said.

She has found that niche in medical simulation, a career she views as a merger of technology, art and medicine. However, she primarily views it as a way to keep patients safe.

“The goal of medical simulation is first and foremost patient safety,” she said. “Through medical simulation, a student is able to practice technical and communication skills in a safe learning environment. By changing the way our clinicians are taught and properly preparing them for their future patients, we are able to potentially reduce medical error and change the relationship between practitioner and patient,” she believes.

“I know that this career makes such a difference,” she said, “not only in the lives of students, but for their future patients as well. It is an absolutely exciting and dynamic career path with amazing goals.”

Gaddis chose to attend PCOM Georgia due to its educational reputation. “When I was attending Brenau University in Gainesville, Georgia, many of my professors advised me that PCOM Georgia had great graduate programs. I applied to the biomedical sciences program because it had some amazing courses that I knew would challenge me and motivate me to work harder, and they truly did,” she said.

Upon graduation, Gaddis will work for a simulation company, Avkin, which specializes in wearable simulation devices and standardized patients. Her role will be to assist schools and hospitals to integrate the wearable technology into their educational simulation programs.

“In this role, I am able to travel all over and visit simulation labs which is absolutely amazing,” she said. “Future goals in my career include continuing to learn and grow in simulation and becoming not only proficient at my job, but also a resource to those looking to pursue a career in med sim.”

PCOM Georgia graduate Lauren Gaddis, MS/Biomed '21She added, “I want to continue leading a life of purpose, giving back to those who may need help, and being the type of role model that someone can look up to one day.”

The oldest of eight children, Gaddis is a first generation college graduate and now the first in her family to earn a master’s degree. She grew up in Conyers, Georgia, just east of Atlanta, and was homeschooled from second grade up.

Her parents inspire her through their “example of hard work and dedication, and the vision to continually lead by example.”

She said, “My mom worked hard every day raising all of us and keeping it together. Looking back, I have no clue how she did it.”

Her father is the hardest working person she knows. “He sacrificed everything to provide for us and pushed each of us to become the best we could be. He always wanted us to have college educations and did everything he could to support me and make sure I stayed on track.”

“His consistent encouragement and motivation is what drove me to continue my education and pursue all of my goals,” she added.

She offers this same encouragement to others.

“My advice is to never stop trying. I have fallen down and wanted to give up so many times on my journey to where I am now, but do not quit. Do not be afraid of failure. It is a lesson in the end. You are more capable than you believe. With dedication, perseverance, and faith you can achieve anything you set your mind to.”