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Kinjal Shah, PharmD ‘21 
Doctor of Pharmacy

May 20, 2021
Kinjal Shah, PharmD, poses with her family in her student physician's white coat.
Kinjal Shah, PharmD, and other PCOM Georgia medical students visited the Georgia Capitol to advocate for grad and med students.
Kinjal Shah, PharmD, poses with her research poster at a PCOM Georgia pharmacy program event.

Kinjal Shah, PharmD ’21, is forging a non-traditional career path as she graduates with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from PCOM Georgia. She has accepted a position as an analyst in the market research division of MMIT, a firm that helps to simplify patient access to therapies through data, technology and insights.

“Choosing a path in non-traditional pharmacy makes me excited about the different opportunities ahead,” she said. “Even though I will not be practicing in direct patient care, I will be helping patients on a broader scale with access to medications.”

Kinjal Shah, PharmD ‘21Shah said she plans to grow and develop herself in the role and continue to advocate for the future of pharmacists. Considering pharmacy a “versatile career with many paths to pursue,” she hopes “to inspire future generations of pharmacy students to pursue non-traditional roles.”

Shah grew up around healthcare professionals, undergoing several surgeries and experiencing many physician, physical therapy and pharmacy visits. She said she was “always curious about how one tiny pill can make so much of a difference.”

Regardless, “They have allowed me to live a better life and I want to pay it forward,” she said.

Shah grew up in Sugar Land, Texas, a suburb of Southwest Houston. She comes from a family with a strong work ethic and describes her parents as her “biggest fans.”

“My father came as a young adult to America with only $8 in his pocket,” she said. “He worked two jobs while pursuing an engineering degree at the University of Houston to provide for our family. His hard work, dedication and determination instilled strong values in me that I continue to carry.”

Shah added, “He motivates me every day to continue to work hard and never give up on my dreams.” A phrase mentioned to her by a preceptor has also kept her going – “It’s being able to see the reward of helping patients.”

At the same time she graduates from the PCOM School of Pharmacy, Shah is receiving a concurrent Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

She offers the following advice to future Doctor of Pharmacy students – “Keep an open mind. You never know where your path will lead you.”