PCOM Community Touts Scientific Advances at Research Day

May 22, 2015


The research community is largely a collaborative one; each study helps to build toward a new and better understanding of the world around us. In May, PCOM and GA-PCOM hosted their annual Research Day events in order to foster awareness and collaboration of research among students and faculty.

Researchers had the opportunity to present posters detailing their current projects to fellow scientists from across campus as well as visiting scientists from leading scientific companies. Prizes were awarded to the top student research projects at each event.

In Philadelphia, the winners were:

Sean Matchett
Zein Al-Atrache

Biomedical Sciences:
Danielle Monin Estrada

Gerd Naydock

In Georgia, the winners were:

1st place: Zachary Kopelman
2nd place: Natalie Vukmer, Denise Gamble
Honorable Mention: Courtney Washington

Biomedical Sciences:   
1st place: Khin Win
2nd place: Jessica Winkler
Honorable Mention: Nyema Woart, Kathryn Woods, Gulsedef Arslan

1st place: Mboya Doffou and George Adams (shared award)
2nd place: Eva Karam
Honorable Mention (2): Nathan Greenfield, Viral Gajjar


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