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Get to Know Bryan Ginn, Jr. 
Chief Campus Officer of PCOM Georgia

August 19, 2022

Bryan Ginn, Jr.During his tenure as Chief Campus Officer of PCOM Georgia, Bryan Ginn has used his wealth of knowledge and experience to develop and expand the mission of PCOM in the state of Georgia. In celebration of his 10 years with the College, Bryan Ginn reflects on his time at PCOM Georgia and his life off campus.

Tell us about your role as Chief Campus Officer at PCOM Georgia.

I would describe this role as a conduit to the PCOM leadership team in Philadelphia. I work to make certain that we are effectively addressing any operational opportunities or issues that may arise on our campus or in the community. I operate on the basis of “no surprises”, so I  try to make sure I effectively communicate the needs and mission of the Georgia campus.

What are you most proud of from your time at PCOM Georgia?

During the past ten years, we have accomplished a great deal at PCOM Georgia. In addition to increasing our state funding, we have expanded the program offering and extended the reach of the PCOM brand. I was very proud to be a part of opening PCOM South Georgia and expanding the mission of PCOM to focus specifically on rural communities and rural medicine since I grew up in rural Georgia.

One thing I am very proud of is the emphasis I’ve placed on communication. I remember when I came to my interview at PCOM, I asked “How do you communicate amongst yourselves?” and I learned that there was no set system for effective communication. When I started at PCOM Georgia, I implemented a “Team Leads Meeting” that allowed administrative department heads to come together to discuss the projects they were working on and to ensure collaboration. In the wake of COVID-19, we started “Suwanee Summit”. This recurring meeting, which includes both academic and administrative leaders, allows us to come together to talk about coordination issues and move the mark. It also gives all programs access to campus leadership and helps us meet the needs of the students.

What is your favorite thing about PCOM Georgia?

The people, absolutely the people. We have great folks who work together and who are dedicated to educating the next generation of the healthcare workforce. The mission is critically important, but the people drive the mission, and they are highly focused on what they set out to do. I have found the people here to be extremely focused on the mission of their academic programs or their support function. I believe we have a great team here at PCOM, professionals who bring different temperaments, talents and convictions to the table. Everyone works together to meet the needs of our students.

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Having grown up in a political family, I would spend summers in Washington, D.C. running around the Capitol. My dad was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for ten years, serving the first congressional district of Georgia. I spent my childhood learning about good governance, and I actually ran for Congress at the age of twenty-seven. It was that experience, and my loss in that campaign, that brought me to higher education advancement and external affairs.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Well, you would think someone who grew up in Augusta, Georgia, home of the Master’s, would be good at golf, but I’m just a weekend duffer. You would also think, being second cousins with country-singer Luke Bryan, I might have some musical skills. Unfortunately, he was blessed with all the musical talent in our family. I love being outdoors, spending time with my family. I really enjoy a weekend out on the lake on my boat, Sweet Caroline, named after my bride of thirty-three years.

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