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PCOM Georgia Body Donor Program

Body Donor Program at PCOM Georgia 
About Body Donation

The body donor program at PCOM Georgia provides anatomical material which allows medical students at the College to study firsthand the intricacies of the human body and the relationships between body systems. This is something that even the best medical textbooks cannot teach.


Why should I donate my body to science?

There is much to be learned from the human body. Those who donate their remains to science make a tremendous contribution to the knowledge and depth of understanding surrounding medical education.

How do I donate my body?

Please review the body donation procedures and authorization forms for additional information. 


Please send all completed donor documents to:

Jeffrey K. Seiple
Director of Anatomical Donor Services
PCOM Georgia
625 Old Peachtree Road NW
Suwanee, GA 30024
Phone: 678-225-7477Cell: 770-833-0701
Email: jeffreyse@pcom.edu | Fax: 770-682-2309

How can I learn more about the body donor program?

For additional information about the body donor program at PCOM Georgia, view our frequently asked questions, contact the program director or complete our online contact form.

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Body Donation Program
PCOM Georgia
625 Old Peachtree Road, Suwanee, GA 30024
Phone: 678-225-7477 | Fax: 770-682-2309

Jeffrey K. Seiple
Director of Anatomical Donor Services
Cell: 770-833-0701 | Email: jeffreyse@pcom.edu