Osteopathic Medicine (DO)/Master of Public Health | PCOM DO MPH Degree
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Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine/Master of Public Health 
DO MPH degree

Solutions to today's health problems increasingly rely on improving knowledge and changing behavior. To combat AIDS, heart disease, cancer, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness and diseases related to nutritional disorders, public and community health officials must change people's health practices and attitudes.

Osteopathic Medicine and Public Health Dual Degree

Osteopathic physicians, trained in a tradition of caring, responsive, people-oriented medicine, are uniquely suited for leadership in community education and public health. PCOM's flexible curriculum allows you to complete an MPH degree program in five academic years either through a decelerated curriculum or a dedicated academic leave to complete public health graduate work. Two unique PCOM programs let you combine your osteopathic education at PCOM with a MPH degree.

DO MPH Degree Programs

Thomas Jefferson University DO MPH program

The Thomas Jefferson University DO MPH program is available for students on the Pennsylvania and Georgia campuses and is offered through the Jefferson School of Population Health.

Temple University DO MPH program

The Temple University DO MPH program involves 13 courses including two semesters of supervised field work.

Benefits of a DO mph degree

The dual osteopathic medicine and MPH degree will give you the medical and public health background, perspective and skills to address the crucial issues health professionals face today. Graduates with a DO/MPH degree enjoy new opportunities in community health agencies, the public health policy field and the growing fields of occupational and environmental health.