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Department of Radiological Sciences

Our department trains osteopathic medical students in the use and interpretation of imaging studies.

During their rotation, students will:

  • Learn how to adequately assess and determine the appropriate imaging study or studies to be performed.
  • Apply osteopathic principles to the changes seen on skeletal x-ray and imaging studies.
  • Learn how to accurately describe radiographic images.
  • Learn the importance of integrating clinical information, patient history, physical examination and the results of laboratory studies with findings from invasive and/or non-invasive radiographic imaging techniques to aid in establishing a diagnosis.
  • Understand how different pathologies change the normal appearance of structures seen on imaging studies.

Our students will also learn how to integrate information from their previous basic and clinical science courses with their radiologic studies to better understand how such information can be used to diagnose disease.

Contact Us

Department of Radiological Sciences

4170 City Avenue, Suite 205

Philadelphia, PA 19131

Madelyn Sine-Karasick, DO

Radiology Program Director

Clinical Assistant Professor


Nathan Pinkney, BS, CDOS

Chief Occupational & Environmental Safety Officer