Kudos December 2019 | Faculty, Student and Staff Accolades
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Kudos - December 2019

December 31, 2019

The December 2019 edition of Kudos highlights faculty, staff and student publications and accolades at PCOM, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia.

Christopher S. Adams, PhD, professor, anatomy, Courtney Potteiger (DO ’20) and Shelby McNeilly (DO ’22) co-authored “Gram-Negative Bacteria Are Internalized into Osteocyte-Like Cells,” which published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research.

Kathleen Ackert (DO ’20) was awarded the Pennsylvania Physicians for Social Responsibility’s “2019 Soul of Medicine” award.

Robert Barsotti, PhD, professor, neuroscience, physiology and pharmacology, co-authored “Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress Induces Leaky Ryanodine Receptor During Mechanical Ventilation,” which published in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine.

Samuel Berding (DO ’22) co-authored “The Incidence of Cystoid Macular Edema Following Uncomplicated Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery in Patients With and Without Epiretinal Membrane,” which published in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science.

Vishakha Bhave, PharmD, assistant professor, pharmaceutical sciences, co-authored “Metal- Free Hydroamination of Alkynes: A Mild and Concise Synthesis of Thiazolo [3,2-a]Indoles and Their Cytotoxic Activity,” which published in the journal Synthesis.

Julia Boyle (PsyD ’20) co-authored “Negative Cognitive Style and Cortisol Reactivity to a Laboratory Stressor: A Preliminary Study,” which published in the International Journal of Cognitive Therapy.

Craig Carcuffe (DO ’22); Jeremy Schmoyer (DO ’22); Payvand Kamrani (DO ’20); Jason Mercando (DO ’21) and Ruth Borghaei, PhD, professor, biochemistry, co-authored “Interleukin 1β and Prostaglandin E2 Affect Expression of DNA Methylating and Demethylating Enzymes in Human Gingival Fibroblasts,” which published in the journal International Immunopharmacology.

Veronica Chavez (DO ’21) co-authored “Gynecologic Care for Women with Physical Disabilities: A Qualitative Study of Patients and Providers,” which published in the journal Women’s Health Issues.

Jason E. Cohn, DO, resident, otolaryngology, co-authored “Substance Use and Maxillofacial Trauma: A Comprehensive Patient Profile,” which published in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; and “On the Court: A Comprehensive Analysis of Basketball Facial Trauma,” which published in the journal Craniomaxillofacial Trauma and Reconstruction.

Matthew DiMeglio (DO/MBA ’20) was first author on “Risk and Ambiguity Tolerance Affects Preference for Implementation of Sepsis Bundle Implementation,” and co-authored “Randomized Pilot Trial of Two Doses of Ascorbic Acid Alone in Sepsis.” Both articles were published in Critical Care Medicine.

David Lafferty, DO, resident, otolaryngology, was first author on “Tongue Edema Secondary to Suspension Laryngoscopy,” which published in the Journal of Voice.

Hua Ling, PharmD, assistant professor, pharmacy practice and Jonathan Park (PharmD ’20) co- authored “Tafamidis: A First-In-Class Transthyretin Stabilizer for Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy,” which published in The Annals of Pharmacotherapy.

Edo-Abasi U. McGee, PharmD, assistant professor, pharmacy, co-authored “Inpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Interventions in the Adult Oncology and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Population: A Review of the Literature,” which published in the journal The Annals of Pharmacotherapy.

Drew Nagele, PharmD, assistant professor, pharmacy, co-authored “Evidence-Based Systematic Review of Cognitive Rehabilitation, Emotional, and Family Treatment Studies for Children with Acquired Brain Injury Literature: From 2006 to 2017,” which published in the journal Neuropsychological Rehabilitation.

Jude Opoku-Agyeman, DO, resident, plastic surgery and Kayla Humenansky, DO, resident, plastic surgery, co-authored “Use of Integra for Reconstruction After Nevi Resection: A Systematic Review and Pooled Analysis of Reported Cases,” which published in the journal Surgery Research and Practice.

Philip L. Reno, PhD, associate professor, bio-medical sciences, and Kelsey Kjosness, post-doctoral fellow, co-authored “Identifying the Homology of the Short Human Pisiform and Its Lost Ossification Center,” which published in the journal EvoDevo.

Michael Roberts, PsyD, director, institutional research, co-authored “Validation of a 5-Item Tool to Measure Patient Assessment of Clinician Compassion in the Emergency Department,” which published in the journal BMC Emergency Medicine.

Brooke Saffren (DO ’21) published a book chapter titled “Child Abuse Medical Diagnosis and Management.”

Hannah Stein (DO ’22) co-authored “Experience with Iliac Branch Endoprosthesis After Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Stent Grafting,” which published in the journal Annals of Vascular Surgery.

Daniel Weinblatt (DO ’20) was first author of “The Curious Case of the Calcified Pancreas,” which published in the American Journal of Medicine.

Dianzheng Zhang, PhD, professor, bio-medical sciences, co-authored “MTA3 Represses Cancer Stemness by Targeting the SOX2OT/SOX2 Axis,” which published in the journal iScience.

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