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About ITS

Information Technology Services is focused on the delivery of high-quality solutions and services. Our department works as a proactive strategic partner with PCOM's organizational units and drives business value in alignment with the College's strategic plan.

The ITS Service Desk can be reached at 215-871-6110 or via email at servicedesk@pcom.edu.

Office locations

The ITS department is located on the Philadelphia campus in Rowland Hall, Suite 334. PCOM Georgia's ITS staff members can be found in the office suite across from HR in the Old Peachtree Building. The ITS Office at PCOM South Georgia is located in Suite 123 next to the Information Commons.

Information Technology Services

Richard Smith, MBA

Chief Information Officer

Patricia Broadus

IT Office Manager

ITS Infrastructure

The ITS Infrastructure unit provides operations, network and telecommunications, service desk and audio/visual services.

Leander Tice

Director, ITS Infrastructure

ITS Operations

ITS Operations provides data center, capacity, cloud, remote access, continuity and other management services.

Dave McGilloway

Operations Manager

Vlad Rudoy

System Engineer

Grant Sloan

System Engineer I

Truett Starkey

Systems Administrator I

ITS Network and Telecommunications

Unit responsibilities include management of PCOM's networks, firewalls, routers, switches and security appliances.

Randy Wang

Network and Telecommunications Manager

Shaun Carlin

Senior Infrastructure Analyst

Torrian Hall

Infrastructure Analyst

Obadiah Mshindi

Network Engineer I

ITS Service Desk

The ITS Service Desk is responsible for tier 1 support, incident management, technical services, mobile device management and support for workstations, printers, media and computer labs.

Jonathan Pentecost

Service Desk Manager

Robert Battle

Technical Support Specialist

Frank Bozynski

Technical Support Specialist

Kera Hightower

Service Desk Agent 1

Missie Miller

Service Desk Agent

John Reyes

Service Desk Agent 1

Robin Smith

Service Desk Coordinator

Adam Taylor

Technical Support Specialist

Vincent Wang

Technical Support Specialist

Educational Media

Educational media personnel provide instructional and event support, troubleshooting and repairs, AV installation and configuration and remote management.

Scott Mascena

Educational Media Operations Manager

Adrian Bent

Audio Visual Technician

Scott Berray

Media Specialist

Lisa Boughter

Educational Media Specialist

Garrett Brown

Educational Media Technician

Tammy Holmes

Educational Media Technician

James Mercer

AV Technician II

Lance Semien

Media Specialist

ITS Service Delivery

The ITS Service Delivery unit includes enterprise applications, development, business intelligence and reporting, and project management.

Estelle Redding

Director, ITS Service Delivery

ITS Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications services include governance, project portfolio management, project management, enterprise resource planning, instructional design services and training.

John Haydt

Enterprise Applications Manager

Rimma Grinberg

Programmer Analyst

Rita Hennessey

Programmer Analyst

LaShawnda Walker

Information Systems Analyst - Human Resources

ITS Development

Unit responsibilities include software and intranet development, enterprise database administration, configuration management, release management and other services.

David McMillan

Development Manager

Latoya Cruz

Data Warehouse Analyst

Frank Innamarato

Database Administrator

Oliver Nelson

Senior Application Developer

Eric Olsen

Programmer Analyst

Daniel Parenti Jr.

Programmer Analyst

ITS Business Intelligence and Reporting

Unit responsibilities include data architecture, advanced analytics, operational reporting and more.

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office assists with the management of technology projects and also provides support through change management, restructuring and general business process improvement.

Laural Arthur

Senior Project Manager

Melissa Shin-Montes

Project Manager