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LIMR/PCOM Graduate Assistantship Program

The purpose of the LIMR/PCOM Graduate Assistantship Program is to allow MS students accepted into the Research Track degree candidacy in the PCOM Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences to conduct their thesis research with a mentor from LIMR. These students will be Research Assistants at LIMR, and will conduct their thesis research at an LIMR Laboratory. Students must meet all degree requirements, as detailed in the PCOM Graduate Handbook. The thesis research culminates in preparation and defense of a written thesis. Students in this program will conduct hands-on research related to the interests of the host lab and under the supervision of the Program Mentor. Students will be expected to work in the laboratory during regular working hours and at other times as required to accomplish the research. Students will be expected to master technical skills required of the project, and eventually contribute to the design of experiments, analysis of data, and the preparation of manuscripts and reports related to the research. The thesis research portion of the student's degree will be on average a period of 18 months in a LIMR laboratory, during which time the student will work full time on his/her thesis project.

Research Assistants may work with one of the following members of the LIMR Graduate Faculty.

Ira Ayene, PhD: Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Robert H. Cox, PhD: Ion Channels in Vascular Hypertension
Scott Dessain, MD, PhD: Human Antibody Therapeutics using a Novel Hybridoma Method
Mindy George-Weinstein, PhD: Fate and Function of Epiblast-Derived Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells
Susan Gilmour, PhD: Polyamine Function in Cancer
Lisa D. Laury-Kleintop, PhD: Smooth Muscle in Vascular Disease
Laura Mandik-Nayak, PhD: Inflammation and Autoimmunity
Alex Muller, PhD: Tumor Immunology and Molecular Genetics
James M. Mullin, PhD: Epithelial Barrier Function in Cancer and Inflammation
Thomas G. O'Brien, PhD: Genetics of Susceptibility to Cancer
George C. Prendergast, PhD: Cancer Suppression: From Genes to Drugs
Janet A. Sawicki, PhD: Prostate and Ovarian Cancer Nanoparticle Therapy and Transgenic Mouse Models
Thomas D. Stamato, PhD: DNA Repair in Cancer
U. Margaretha Wallon, PhD: Matrix Metalloproteinases in Breast Cancer

For more information about research at LIMR, visit http://www.limr.org/html/rp.htm

The deadline to receive applications for the academic year is early April. Early applications are encouraged, because the number of Research Assistantships is limited.

For more information, contact:
Richard M. Kriebel, PhD
Professor, Associate Dean Curriculum and Research & Chair, Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Phone: (215) 871-6527, Fax: (215) 871-6540, E-mail: rickk@pcom.edu


Last Updated: 12/12/14