Advancing Science

Research at PCOM and GA-PCOM


Innovative research activities on PCOM’s campuses range from deciphering mechanisms of cell, tissue and organ development, function and pathogenesis, to analyses of behavior, learning and psychopathology. The overall goal of our research is to develop and test innovative approaches to diagnosing, treating and preventing dysfunction and disease.

Our Mission

  • Promote health through basic, translational, clinical, behavioral and educational research.
  • Mentor students in research methodologies and dissemination of information.

Research Support

Faculty research is supported by the NIH, NSF, AOA, foundations, companies, and philanthropic donations. The Center for Chronic Disorders of Aging provides funding for research through its peer-reviewed grant program. Internal funding for small-scale research projects is provided by PCOM’s Division of Research.

Faculty Researchers

Watch videos highlighting featured researchers and their work.
Dr. David Festinger

David Festinger, PhD


Mary Owen

Mary Owen, JD, MS, PhD, CS


Sarah Allen

Sarah Levin Allen, PhD


Brian Balin

Brian Balin, PhD


Jessica Kendorski

Jessica Kendorski, PhD


Xinyu (Eric) Wang

Xinyu (Eric) Wang, PhD


Cathy Hatcher

Cathy Hatcher, PhD


Denah Appelt

Denah Appelt, PhD


Heather Montie

Heather Montie, PhD


Marina D'Angelo

Marina D'Angelo, PhD


Kerin Claeson

Kerin M. Claeson, PhD