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The Mission of the PCOM Physician Assistant Program is to educate highly qualified physician assistants, focusing on preparing them to become competent, compassionate, and comprehensive health care providers for clinical practice in the broad range of practice settings in both primary and specialty care fields that reflect the changing health care environment.

Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of the PCOM Physician Assistant Program is that our graduates will be leaders in the health care community, striving for excellence in all academic and professional endeavors while helping to provide health care for those in need.


  1. To identify those individuals at the pre-professional level who have a strong career interest in a Physician Assistant career.
  2. To identify for admission those individuals with the pre-requisite academic background, interpersonal skills, and maturity necessary for Physician Assistant education.
  3. To provide a coordinated, comprehensive, didactic and clinical curriculum that will enable the graduate to deliver the highest quality of health care services with Physician supervision.
  4. To promote a clinical and didactic environment that embraces the concept of a health care team that provides communication, cooperation, and compassion.
  5. To encourage and facilitate the utilization of Physician Assistants, especially our graduates, wherever needed.
  6. To promote a comprehensive approach to health and disease by emphasizing primary care, health maintenance, and prevention of disease.
  7. To promote in our graduates the importance of life-long learning and ongoing self evaluation.
  8. To promote an understanding of information literacy by designing, conducting, presenting or interpreting research.
  9. To provide our students with the medical knowledge, skills and attitudes to engage in clinical practice as a Physician Assistant.


Last Updated: 7/7/14