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Graduate Competencies



Graduate Competencies and Program-Defined Expectations


The program will instill in the graduate the knowledge, interpersonal, clinical and technical skills, professional behaviors, and clinical reasoning and problem-solving abilities required for PA practice. Specifically, the graduate will be able to:

PDE 1: Provide care across the lifespan, regardless of medical condition, gender, race, ethnicity, or other diverse quality.

PDE 2: Apply knowledge of basic sciences with a focus on clinical application.

PDE 3: Elicit a detailed and accurate history, and perform a comprehensive physical exam.

PDE 4: Obtained a directed history based on patient presentation, and perform a focused physical exam.

PDE 5: Communicate effectively as a health care professional.

PDE 6: Work collaboratively with other members of the healthcare team in providing appropriate patient care.

PDE 7: Analyze, integrate, and synthesize data from the patient medical record.

PDE 8: Draw upon a fund of medical knowledge in order to formulate a differential diagnosis.

PDE 9: Identify, order, perform, and interpret the appropriate diagnostic studies or procedures.

PDE 10: Formulate and document an individual management plan.

PDE 11: Provide health education to the patient, his / her family members, or significant others.

PDE 12: Perform the following clinical skills as dictated by the situation:

venipuncture; nasogastric tube placement; intubation; casting; splinting; suturing; urinary catheterization; speculum exam; ECGs; arterial blood gasses; injections; arthrocentesis; and incision and drainage.

PDE 13: Manage life-threatening emergencies by employing ACLS and/or BCLS.

PDE 14: Apply the principles and practice of medical ethics.

PDE 15: Utilize knowledge of study designs and statistical methods in the appraisal of medical literature

PDE 16: Employ information technology to locate best available evidence to provide patient care.

PDE 17: Promote and maintain professional competencies and life-long learning.

PDE 18: Promote ongoing acceptance and understanding of the PA's role by practicing collegially with other health care professionals.

Last Updated: 2/23/15