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Graduate Programs in Biomedical Sciences

The PCOM Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences provides an opportunity for students with baccalaureate degrees to begin their graduate study in the biomedical sciences as preparation for science careers or as additional preparation for professional study.  The program represents a broad content base in the basic biomedical sciences with a strong emphasis on human medicine and clinical applications of the material.   
The first year of the program emphasizes biomedical concepts.  It is designed for college graduates who are preparing for admission to health profession programs and/or who wish to extend their knowledge of the biomedical sciences in a medical school environment.  All courses are similar in depth and intensity to courses in medical education. Students may complete a  Master of Science program with concentrations in biomedical research, forensic biology or organizational leadership in the biosciences.
Students interested in the Graduate Programs in Biomedical Sciences should contact PCOM´s Office of Admissions at 1-800-999-6998, 1-215-871-6700 or email: 
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Last Updated: 12/12/14