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Graduate Study in Biomedical Sciences

The first year of the program emphasizes biomedical concepts.  The curriculum is beneficial for college graduates who are preparing for application to medical and other health professions degree programs, but who may not currently meet the competitive requirements.  The courses are not designed to substitute for undergraduate premedical requirements.  All course work is at the graduate level and instruction is by the medical faculty of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Courses are held in the evening session three nights per week.
Courses are similar in subject area to the courses in the osteopathic medical program, but students benefit from instruction as a separate class. The foundation courses provide a strong base of biomedical lecture and laboratory work in a full-time evening schedule, specially designed to accommodate the non-traditional student.  It should be noted that many criteria play a role in the admissions process to professional schools.  While the Biomedical Sciences Program provides an opportunity for the student to demonstrate academic capability, it does not assure admission to a professional school.
A post-baccalaureate certificate of graduate study is awarded for successful completion of all foundation courses.  The certificate is awarded in recognition of progress toward the 2-year master's degree, and all students who meet academic requirements may continue to complete the master's degree in a concentration track.
Last Updated: 7/7/14