Field Experience
School Psychology (MS)

The fieldwork experience provides students with the opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills learned thus far through coursework.

In order to facilitate completion of this program within 14 months, students begin their fieldwork experience in the third trimester (around mid-to-late February) and continue until the end of the academic term.

General Requirements

The following are a few general requirements of the fieldwork experience:

  • It must be conducted in an educational setting (e.g. public, charter, or private school and/or urban or rural school districts).
  • It must be supervised by an on-site, certified school psychologist.
  • The focus of the experience must be on orientation to schools and working with multidisciplinary teams (MDT): school teams consisting of a variety of professionals (school psychologist, behavior analyst, speech therapist, occupational therapist, etc.).
  • The completion of a functional behavior assessment (FBA): an assessment that establishes the functional relationship between an individual's behavior and the environment.

Note: It may be possible for students to maintain daytime employment during the first two years of coursework, which includes the full-year practicum.


Samantha Cardellichio, MS ’12, EdS ’15

“The MS School Psychology program at PCOM has provided me with the knowledge and experience that I need to succeed in the EdS program and has helped me to realize the potential that I have to be a future school psychologist.”

Student in School Psychology Program