Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Associate Professor

Zhiqian (James) Wu, PhD


Email: zhiqianwu@pcom.edu
Office: 678-407-7366
Research Page

In addition to his teaching, Dr. Wu is actively involved in the research laboratory at GA-PCOM. His research projects focus on improving oral absorption and targeting of anti-tumor and antiviral agents. He has published several research papers in these areas and presented his work at a number of national meetings.

  • Education

    PhD, Wayne State University, 2001
    BS, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, 1994

  • Courses

    Dr. Wu teaches several courses in the Pharmacy Program. These courses include Integrated Therapeutics, Infectious Diseases and Biochemistry.

  • Awards

    Peach Teaching Award, 2011-2012, 2012-2013

  • Publications

    Selected Publications

    A. Stephenson, Zhiqian Wu, X. Yuan, (2012). The preformulation stability studies of a proline prodrug of methotrexate, Medicinal Chemistry, 8(4):622-8

    Zhiqian Wu, A. Shah and X. Yuan, (2010). Development of methotrexate proline prodrug to overcome resistance by MDA-MB 231 cells, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letter, 20, 5108-5112

    Zhiqian Wu, A. Patel, R. Dave, X. Yuan, (2010). Development of acetaminophen proline prodrug” Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 20, 3851-3854

    X. Yuan, S. Naguib, Zhiqian Wu, (2011). Recent advances of siRNA delivery by nanoparticles Expert Opinion Drug Delivery. 8(4):521-36