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Mission & Philosophy of School Psychology Programs


The mission of School Psychology programs at PCOM is to prepare highly skilled school psychologists who will provide emprically-based, active, focused and collaborative assessments and treatments with sensitivity to culturally and individually diverse and unders served children and youth. In addition, students will also be prepared to provide research-based, effective interventions, and programs that prevent problems and promote learning in all children in the 21st century.

Grounded in the cognitive tradition, the program trains practitioner-scholars to offer a full range of services including consultation, assessment, behavioral intervention, prevention, counseling, and program planning evaluation. The program also strives to train students to collaborate and form partnerships, with families, health care providers, and the community and to engage in scholarly activities essential to contributing new knowledge in the field of school psychology. The program seeks to bring the best of the discipline and practice of school psychology to understanding and enhancing the development of children. The PCOM school psychology programs are designed to meet state and national standards of quality.