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Recent Clinical PsyD Graduates' Accomplishments

PCOM Clinical PsyD Graduates Turn Ambition into Accomplishment!

Jesus A. Salas, Psy.D., 2002
Clinical Psychologist/Director
The Center for Integrative Psychotherapy, PC, Allentown, PA
Adjunct Professor, PCOM Department of Psychology

Books include Inteligencia Social [Social Intelligence] and Panic Disorder: Assessment and Treatment Through a Wide Angle Lens (with Dattilio). He is also on the editorial board of the International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology. Dr. Salas also works with depressive disorders and marital problems. He conducts group training for social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, communication and problem solving for couples, and stress reduction. Dr. Salas has been a provider of professional workshops on cognitive-behavior therapy in the United States, Venezuela, and Spain.

"PCOM helped me to develop the skills and the approach to do the work that I do now as a clinician, supervisor, professor and Director."  


Beatrice H. Chakraborty, Psy.D. , 2006
NIMH Senior Research Fellow-Biometrics Research
VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System/UPMC
CEED Fellow-University of Pittsburgh

"My current position, post-doctoral associate in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, is funded/supported by my NIMH award and allows me faculty-level protected-time to develop my skills in the conduct of research and other scholarly activities related to the psychophysiological basis of chronic mental disorders.  My primary emphasis is on schizophrenia and the effects of race and culture.  I always wanted to be a clinical psychologist when I grew up. However, I learned very quickly after leaving my internship that I had another calling, and that I would have to practice my PCOM motto: 'Be flexible.'  I am indebted to Dr. Stephanie Felgoise, my friend and mentor, for her steadfast faith in me and my abilities as a person first, and as a student second. Dr. Felgoise always reminded me to be prepared for the unexpected, and that where I am in my career is probably where I should be. I am grateful to other PCOM faculty as well for not only providing me with a host of developmental and academic challenges, but also for giving me their support to achieve my goals despite those challenges."


Bradley Rosenfield, Psy.D., 2004
Assistant Professor, Practicum Coordinator
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Rosenfield joined the full-time core faculty at PCOM as an Assistant Professor and doctoral Practicum Coordinator in the Summer, 2009. Dr. Rosenfield's clinical experience includes post-doctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania's Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program at the Center for Cognitive Therapy, in the Department of Psychiatry.  He has maintained a private practice treating a diverse client population with disorders ranging from social and occupational impairment to personality disorders and substance abuse.  Dr. Rosenfield's current research interests include cognitive behavioral therapy for adult ADHD, human-animal interactions, depressive disorders, somatic disorders, anxiety disorders, single session treatment for panic attacks, the social psychology of terrorism, multicultural counseling, communication skills, and treating difficult patients. He has published several articles in referenced journals and book chapters and has served as a coeditor of the International Encyclopedia of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  He has also presented numerous invited lectures and workshops both within the United States and abroad.  Dr. Rosenfield's most recent research includes a CBT dissemination study for underserved diverse populations, based on the work of Aaron T. Beck, MD.

"The education, training, and especially mentoring provided by the stellar faculty at PCOM has been invaluable.  The faculty are totally invested in seeing their students succeed beginning with the first day of class and throughout their careers."


Beverly Philips White, Psy.D., 2004
Clinical Assistant Professor
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. White has had formal and extensive postgraduate coursework through her previous background in leadership and organizational development in the science and application of social psychology and, over a 13-year period, she studied social psychology in several different countries including Japan, Germany, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Taiwan and Korea.  Dr. White's mentoring and research interests include projective assessment methods, cross-cultural assessment, the functions of the right and left brain hemispheres, and trauma.  Her pursuant concentration on social psychology, cultural and individual diversity and spirituality and mental health continue to be areas of strong interest as well.

"If I have seen further...it is by standing upon the shoulders of Giants." Sir Isaac Newton's letter to Robert Hooke, February 5, 1675.


April (Hansen) Perrymore, Psy.D., 2003


April J. Perrymore, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist in PA and NY who owns a psychological practice in Philadelphia, PA. Her clients are adolescents, adults and couples navigating a variety of life challenges, but she specializes in working with small business owners and entrepreneurs to develop and reach their personal and professional goals.  For ten years she taught psychology at Cabrini College in Radnor, PA. Dr. Perrymore is a board member and the chair of programming for Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists, and a member of the American Psychological Association, National Association of Cognitive Therapy, as well as a Registrant of the National Register of Psychologists.  She has recently co-authored a book, Y in the Workplace: Managing the "Me First" Generation, with Nicole A. Lipkin, Psy.D., MBA, published in July, 2009.  Visit http://www.yintheworkplace.com for more information. 


Gina M. Fusco, Psy.D., 2000
Vice President, Operations & Clinical Services, First Home Care
(a Psychiatric Solutions, Inc. company)
Clinical Assistant Professor, PCOM

Dr. Fusco was promoted to the position of Vice President, responsible for all operations and clinical services for First Home Care in November, 2007.  First Home Care is a treatment foster care agency that serves high-risk children and adolescents in Philadelphia. Her new position also includes heading a locally based residential program implementing trauma-informed CBT to high-risk juveniles.  She continues to design and develop clinical programs nationally for adolescent treatment within residential programs and systems of care. She remains a clinical consultant for DBT Center of NJ, and provides psychological evaluations and assessments for juveniles and adult courts.  Her recent publications include:

Fusco, G., & Freeman, A.  (2007). The crisis prone patient:  The high arousal cluster B personality disorders. In Freeman, A., & Dattilio, F.  (Eds.).  Cognitive behavioral strategies in crisis intervention, 3rd Ed.  New York:  The Guilford Press.

Fusco, G.  (2007). Passive-aggressive personality disorder.  In A. Freeman & M. Reinecke (Eds.), Personality disorders in children and adolescents.  New York:  John Wiley & Sons.

Current projects:
Designing, implementing, and administratively and clinically heading an 80 bed residential facility in central PA., and co-authoring the proposed text:

Freeman, A., Nigro, C., Reinecke, M., & Fusco, G.  (2009). Treating personality disorders across the lifespan:  A developmental approach (in progress).

"PCOM offered me a solid foundation in the elements of psychology and the essential components of becoming a psychologist. As a sister of a successful PCOM DO graduate who is now a trauma surgeon at Cooper Medical Center (Cynthia R Fusco, DO), I knew that PCOM offered a clinically sound and respected program that would help and guide me to meet my goals.  What enabled me to have a great deal of growth was the tutelage and guidance provided by my mentors, Dr. Arthur Freeman and Dr. Robert DiTomasso.  In thanking Dr. Freeman for his mentorship over the years, he asked that I return the favor by doing the same for my students who are embarking on the same path that I chose.  I continue to strive to meet that request and carry his tradition as a member of the faculty here at PCOM."


Carissa Ferguson-Thomas, Psy.D., 2006
Manager of Trauma Informed System Transformation at DBH/MRS
Therapist, Overbrook Therapy Associates; Author and Publisher, Talk-show co-host

Dr. Ferguson-Thomas has worked in the behavioral health field for over 15 years as a therapist and an administrator.  Dr. Ferguson-Thomas (carissa.ferguson@phila.gov) has been an employee of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Mental Retardation Services for the past 10 years.  She has been appointed full-time as the Manager of Trauma Informed System Transformation at DBH/MRS since 2008.  Dr. Ferguson-Thomas is also a certified hypnotherapist as well as the co-host and clinical consultant for "A Better Way" talk show.  In March of 2007, Dr. Ferguson-Thomas launched "Our Way" Magazine, which provides behavioral health information for and about people of color.  Dr. Ferguson-Thomas is passionate about the equitable and effective treatment of people of color in mental health and drug and alcohol systems and has been a staunch advocate for the elimination of health disparities in all behavioral health treatment.  "Our Way" is published by Overbrook Therapy Associates (OTA), which is a private therapy practice with offices in Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE.
Web: www.ourwaymagazine.com. 

"Let me begin by stating that PCOM is not a school where you just attend classes and go home.  PCOM is a place where long-term relationships including friendships are fostered and nourished.  I have to say that, because in most academic settings, it is not clear if the faculty is invested in your success but at PCOM, it is unapologetically obvious.  PCOM provided the academics and training I needed to become a skilled clinician but I was also nurtured in a way that allowed me to grow as a whole person.  PCOM provided the environment that I needed to see, understand and bring forth my true potential.  For individuals who need the individualized attention of dedicated professors and staff, PCOM offers the best place to pursue a doctoral degree."


Cynthia Diefenbeck, Psy.D., APRN, BC, 2006
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Adjunct Psychologist, Center for Counseling and Student Development
University of Delaware
Reviewer - Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services


"PCOM's program was a wonderful experience for so many reasons.  The program was comprehensive and challenging and it has prepared me well for my current health psychology position.  The instructors were highly knowledgeable and worked with us in a collegial fashion.  My peers were all established professionals in the mental health field and they came with a diverse set of experiences - because of that, I learned so much from them.  All in all - PCOM was an excellent fit for me!"



Dennis Given, Psy.D., 2004
Psychology Associates of Chester County, PA


"PCOM's Psychology Department is top notch.  The level of expertise, support and professionalism among the faculty is truly inspiring.  Thank you!"




Jordan Weisman, Psy.D, 2003
Executive Director
Assessment and Treatment Alternatives, Inc., Philadelphia, PA
Web: www.atainc.org

"The education provided by PCOM provided a foundation of knowledge to which I have now accumulated experience and clinical acumen.  This combination has allowed me to be an expert witness, offer comment on Commonwealth behavioral health treatment standards, participate on the American Bar Association's Barriers to Permanency Committee, and to be appointed Chair of the Lower Merion Township Health Advisory Committee."  


John Milwee, Psy.D.,  2006
Staff Psychologist, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System


"PCOM's dual focus on training psychologists in empirically-based models of treatment and preparing them for working in integrated healthcare environments helped make me competitive in the internship/post-doc/job markets."





Suzanne Robison, Psy.D., 2005
Director of Quality Improvement, The Devereux Foundation, Villanova, PA
Primary Therapist, Psychological Service and Human Development Center
Adjunct Professor, Arcadia University

"PCOM prepared me to be well-rounded and to function in a variety of capacities within psychology: as a supervisor, professor, professional presenter, and clinician."


Ronnette P. Ballard, Psy.D.,  2006
Director of Campus Support Programs
University Counselor
Huston-Tillotson University, Austin, Texas

"The challenges and triumphs brought about by PCOM have shaped my character and enhanced my sense of purpose.  I came away acutely aware that doing is the best form of motivation.   Thank you, PCOM, for giving me what I needed to hit the ground running."


William J. Librizzi, Psy.D. , 2006
Clinical Director, Practice Founder of the Wellspring Center (NJ).

"My time at PCOM challenged me in many domains, and assisted me in becoming more skilled as a clinician, professional and human being."


Flora Casallas, Psy.D., 2004
Coordinator for Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention & Education
Siena College, Loudonville, NY
Appointed by the New York State Governor to be on the Advisory Council on Underage Alcohol Consumption, 2008

"Continued contact with my dissertation chair and advisor helped me to develop as a professional... I know that I can always turn to her as a professional confidant..."


Beth A. Davis, Psy.D., 2004
Licensed Psychologist
Wellspan Behavioral Health at York Guidance Center

"My training at PCOM more than prepared me for the world of clinical practice, and clinical supervision. Since graduation, I was asked to be on two dissertation committees of PCOM students who were using the scale I developed for my own dissertation in their research, and I have co-authored a book on the treatment of alcohol problems.  I have worked in in-patient services, in supervision/administration, and in out-patient services. PCOM's preparation made all of this possible. I am very grateful to the faculty of PCOM."


Meredith Mitstifer, Psy.D., 2006
United States Penitentiary
Tucson, AZ


"PCOM not only fostered my professional growth and development, but the faculty and program inspired me to raise the bar personally as well.  PCOM opened many doors of opportunity I never knew existed...In addition, my dissertation was recently accepted for publication after a year review in the Journal of Psychosocial Oncology.  I was so excited!...I will always be grateful to the dedicated professors and staff who motivated me to learn, supported me through life events, and never lost their sense of humor on every step of my journey."


Susanna Carew, Psy.D., 2007
Mental Health Clinician II - UMDNJ University Correctional Health Care

"Having attended a CBT program with a behavioral medicine influence helped me to comprehensively conceptualize cases when working with individuals who have problems in multiple domains..."


Melissa Horowitz, Psy.D., 2008
Postdoctoral Fellow, Cognitive Behavioral Consultants of Westchester (CBCW)
White Plains, New York

Recently completed intensive training in dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and is now certified as a DBT therapist/Skills trainer (through Behavioral Tech - Marsha Linehan, Ph.D.)

"PCOM's dedication to the practice of cognitive behavior therapy made it possible for me to learn and implement a psychotherapy approach with measurable results. For this, my patients and I are both forever grateful."

Last Updated: 12/12/14