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Zhiqian (James) Wu, PhD

Zhiqian (James) Wu, PhDWu

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Ph: (678) 407-7344
FX: (678) 407-7347
E-mail: zhiqianwu@pcom.edu


PhD, Wayne State University, 2001
BS, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, 1994


Dr. Wu teaches several courses in the Pharmacy Program. These courses include Integrated Therapeutics, Infectious Diseases and Biochemistry.

In addition to his teaching, Dr. Wu is engaged in establishing a research laboratory at GA-PCOM. His research projects focus on improving oral absorption and targeting of anti-tumor and antiviral agents. He is also interested in siRNA delivery by nanoparticles. He has published several research papers in these areas and presented his work at a number of national meetings.


Peach Teaching Award, 2011-2012

Selected Publications

A. Stephenson, Zhiqian Wu, X. Yuan, (2012). The preformulation stability studies of a proline prodrug of methotrexate, Medicinal Chemistry, 8(4):622-8

Zhiqian Wu, A. Shah and X. Yuan, (2010). Development of methotrexate proline prodrug to overcome resistance by MDA-MB 231 cells, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letter, 20, 5108-5112

Zhiqian Wu, A. Patel, R. Dave, X. Yuan, (2010). Development of acetaminophen proline prodrug” Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 20, 3851-3854

X. Yuan, S. Naguib, Zhiqian Wu, (2011). Recent advances of siRNA delivery by nanoparticles Expert Opinion Drug Delivery. 8(4):521-36

Last Updated: 4/16/15