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Nisha Patel (PharmD ’20) 
Match Day 2020

April 6, 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, students from the class of 2020 at PCOM Georgia celebrated one of the most exciting days in their professional journey—match day. Here they share their personal match story, what has inspired them along the way and what advice they would give to students starting the journey today.

Nisha Patel (PharmD '20)What inspired you to go into pharmacy?

I am passionate about helping people and the field of pharmacy provides the perfect platform to give back to the community. Being the most accessible and one of the most trusted of the healthcare professionals allows me to create the greatest impact.

Where did you match?

Northeast Georgia Health System in Gainesville, Georgia.

Why did you pursue a residency?

When I got my APPE schedule as a third-year pharmacy student, I remember thinking to myself "Ugh, I have 7/8 clinical rotations." Now, one year later, I realize how lucky I was. Throughout the first three years of pharmacy school I always thought that I would go into the community field of pharmacy when I graduated. After completing a couple clinical rotations, I realized I saw a future for myself as a clinical pharmacist. I loved the impact that clinical pharmacists had on patient outcomes. It really made me more passionate about the field and made me realize I wanted to be more involved in patient treatment. As residency is a crucial step on the road to becoming a clinical pharmacist, I decided to follow this path to further develop my knowledge and skills in pursuit of this goal.

How did you feel when you found out you matched?

I cried! I was really excited, thankful and relieved!

What advice would you give to year one pharmacy students just starting their journey?

It's okay if you don't know what field you want to go into from P1 year. I didn't decide to pursue residency until my fourth year. Just focus on doing the best you can in school and being involved in organizations, volunteering and research. Don't forget to enjoy yourself throughout that process though because your four years will fly by! Cherish the friendships and relationships you form with classmates and faculty!

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