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Graduate Profiles
Class of 2019

As we celebrate commencement at PCOM and PCOM Georgia, we ask our graduating students to reflect on their journeys to become doctors and health professionals. Here they share their current achievements and future goals—how they will become ambassadors of whole person health care—as well as offer advice for future students.


Jasmin Adams

MS/Biomed ‘19

Zein Al-Atrache

DO/PhD '19

Ricky Ayoung-Chee

PharmD '19

Israel Benjamin

DO '19

Channa Blakely

DO '19

Megan Boudouin

PharmD '19

Katherine DiPastina

DO '19

Samntha Giangrande

PsyD '19

Daniel Horuzsko

MS/Biomed ‘19

Jessie Martin

DO '19

Caitlin Mede

MS/MHC '19

Rebekah Padilla

DO '19

Justine Parks Rose

MS/ODL '19

Akshita Taneja

MS/Biomed '19

Margaryta Tolchynska

MS/PA, '19

Margaret Vido

DO '19

Suzanne Young

DO '19