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Congratulations Graduates!

Class of 2020

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Congratulate Our Graduates
Class of 2020

Congratulations to all our graduates! View congratulatory messages from the PCOM community for the Class of 2020.

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William Yauneridge, DO Congratulations Bryan, good luck!
Sonya Naghibi Congratulations to my dear, sweet, kind, and intelligent Sara joon! You are the best of the best and deserve all the good things. Your kind heart, compassion, and genuine personality are some of your good traits that will contribute to you being an excellent physician. Congratulations my dear. We love you❤
Mahsheed Parham HOORAY, YOU DID IT! You are now a doctor!!
Through your determination, grit, and dedication, you will now help others with your knowledge and empathy as an EM physician. Congrats on never giving up on your dream and for always doing your best. I am so lucky to look up to a sister as smart, caring, and spirited as you! We are so proud of you and can't wait to see what your bright future holds. #EmergencyEmergency #DoctorBubba
Varsha and Anil Shah Congratulations to Mansi Vadodaria for her hard work receiving her degree in Medicine.
Annie Merriman & Chris Flynn Congratulations Mini Lohani and the PCOM Class of 2020!!
Chopra family Congrats Dr.Yash Raval on achieving this great milestone in your life, we are proud of you and know you will continue to bring sunshine into peoples lives. God Bless You!
Tom Wagner Congratulations on your accomplishments!
Jeffrey Donohoe Congratulations Abdul Walters!! You are the Man!!
Jeff Donohoe DULY!! We are there with you - Sophia, Justin, and Jeff
Mira/Yogesh Shah Congratulations and all the best for future ahead to Mansha Vadodaria
Ann Fucigna CONGRATULATIONS MINI! So so proud of you :) #pagingDRmini
Justin & Sophia Donohoe To DOCTOR! Abdul Walters, we are beyond proud of you. We cannot believe that basically yesterday we were just driving around in the Jeep to the Tae-kwon-do studio. Thank you for being a person that we look up to every day, a roll model, a friend, an older brother, and the coolest most built dude we know. Thank you for dealing with us as kids. Thank you for inspiring us to be adults. Sophia will try not to be your first patient after tripping down the stairs. We love you forever and cannot wait time see you again.
Karen Spahn Congratulations to All! Carpe Diem!
Didar and Mansour Our dear Sara, Congratulations! YAY! you did it! What a triumph, Dr. Sara Jananeh!!!!! I love saying that! :-)
We are sooooooooo proud of you love! You are an amazing person with a heart of gold! We love your beautiful smile that lights up any room, your warmth and sincere compassion for everyone, your amazing sense of humanity and love of life! Every time we see you we can feel a hurtle of positive energy around you which is very contagious! We feel very blessed to know such a wonderful, accomplished, intelligent, delightful and extremely kind young lady! Now embrace the next chapter of your life because we know you are going to have such an amazing future! Love you so much Sara joon!
Lisa D'Addieco Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 2020!
Ladan Ehsani Dear Dr. Sara Jananeh
My warm congratulations to you on your incredible accomplishment. Each and every sacrifice that you have made has paid you well. You are such an outstanding role model to my kids and have proven that dreams come true with hard work. I know you always wanted to become a Dr. and you did it. I am sure you will shine bright in your next step and will become the best pediatrician ever. You are very smart, reliable and caring person who will bring many smiles to many faces with your treatment and care. I love you and am so proud of you. Wish you all the best dear.
Chopra Family Congratulations Dr Sara Jananeh, we are so proud of you and everything that you have accomplished, your passion towards your field and your family are what truly make you an amazing human being! Love you!
Zamira Paes Congrats Dr. Mansi on your great achievement.
Billy Duke Congratulations to all. We are very proud of you Christopher , your accomplishments overwhelm your parents.
Saru Congratulations on your big day. Wishing you the best for the future
Bhavin krupa Congratulations!!! Dr Yash Raval we are proud of you,words can't express everything,it's like dream come true for us.All your hard work has helped you in pursuing your dreams.God bless you and we pray you achieve success in your life!!
Armita Gagnon Dear Dr. Sarah Jananeh, Sending warm congratulations and wishing you all the best . Sarah joon I remember that beautiful spring day you were born . It seems like it was just yesterday and can’t believe that little girl is Dr.Sarah today
I am so happy and proud of you and I wish we could celebrate this achievement with you personally. Enjoy your special day and looking forward to celebrate your accomplishment soon . 🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈
Zoya and Jalal Abedi Dear Sara joon,
Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment! You are going to be the best pediatrician! We love you and can't wait to see what your future has in store for you. Keep shining and spreading your positivity to everyone around you.
With Love,
The Abedi Family
Tannaz Noori Dear Sara Jananeh joon! Congratulations on your amazing achievement! You are kind & beautiful inside & out. I wish you all the success in your next endeavors as I know you will be a great doctor. Love you!
Sam Davary Dr. Sara Jananeh, I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of you and all your accomplishments! My earliest memories of you include your forever excited and happy attitude as a toddler and it has been an absolute pleasure watching you grow to become the incredible woman that you have become today! You have the kindest heart and this is the perfect profession for you! You will help so many and make a difference in this world, which is all that we can hope for as human beings. I know you will succeed in every step of your life because of your determination, intelligence and empathy. Sending you endless love my sweet Sara.
Laura and John Merriman Yahoo! Hats off and Congratulations to Dr. Minisha Lohani! Your intelligence, determination, humor and charm are all the attributes for an extraordinary doctor. We wish you a joyful pilgrimage in your residency that will blossom into a gratifying and fulfilling career. A salute to Dr. Mini, well done!!!
Nima Yazdanpanah Dr. Sara Jananeh & Dr. Ishan Chopra. Congratulations to both of you. You have worked extremely hard through sleepless nights and challenging days, through difficult exams and real life patient care. Know that your hard work and dedication have paved the path to your ever growing success. This is the time for you to shine, to flourish, to be called a physician, and be blessed with a life of service. I'm so proud of you and cannot wait to witness your future accomplishments.
Brittany & Jeremy Congratulations to my hero, my sister, my role model Dr. Jerica Lashay Gibson. It has been a really long road and I’m so glad to have been able to be with you through some of it. You are going to do great things. You are an amazing role model and I just wanted to say I love you and congratulations on becoming the Dr in the family. We know no one else will be lol. Good work on all your hard work sis.
Alyssa D'Addieco Congratulations, PCOM Georgia DO Class of 2020! I feel honored to have had the opportunity to share glimpses of your time in medical school over these last four years. Thank you for letting me share your unique stories, perspectives, and accomplishments throughout this journey! You are a wonderful and hardworking group and will make excellent physicians, and I will certainly miss seeing your faces around PCOM Georgia.

Special shout-out to the class leadership for always being great sports and for representing your peers well. Your PCOM family is so proud of all of you!
Susan Sharifi Dr. Sara Jananah, I am so happy for you congratulation my dear Sara. This is the second message, the first one I did not put your last name and not sure if you saw it. Well deserved 🌹🌹❤️🥂
Savanah and Patrick Mullen Dr. Ishan Chopra!!!! To say we are proud of you is an understatement! It is so exciting to see someone so genuinely kind, passionate and hardworking achieve their dreams after many, many years in the making! Much love and well wishes for your next adventure! We will be cheering you on the whole way! Love you!
Clark Michel Congratulations Dr. Yusra Azhar!!!! I’m so proud of your achievement. Your hard work and perseverance have made your dreams come true. I hope you never stop mesmerizing the world with your beautiful heart and amazing talents.
The Michel Family We're so proud of you, Dr. Yusra Azhar! May success always come your way in life. Congratulations on your graduation!
Laleh Ehsani Congratulations Sarah Jananeh azizam. I am so proud of you. You will be the best doctor. I wish you more success in your next step.
Kathy Davari Congratulations my dear Dr. Sara Jananeh😊 You did it! I am very proud of you my beautiful daughter. You are an amazing person, kind, compassionate, empowered, strong, intelligent, and dependable. Your future is bright. Your life is yours to lead and I am certain that you will be amazing. Congratulations and best wishes for you my dear.
Sofia Rivandi Dear Dr. Jananeh, all those long nights in the library finally paid off. You are one of the most hard working and dedicated people I know you are my role model and I hope someday I can be like you. Although I was a little sad you were going to Miami I am very proud that you got to go there and I’m sure you’ll have the best time ever. I love you sooooo much and I’m so proud of you. 😘❤️
Maryam & Rasta Dr Sara Jananeh,
Congratulations on your well-deserved success.
You worked long, hard hours for it and this achievement shows your determination, commitment, and strength as an individual.
We love you and so proud of you.
Patricia Baugh Proud of you Jerica Lashay Gibson so proud of you.You have finally made it Love you.
Kathy Davari Congratulations my dear Dr. Ishan Chopra! Your hard work and dedication paid off. You are caring and intelligent and will be a great doctor. I am very proud of you and wish you all the best dear. The future is yours shine bright. 😊
Chopra Family Congratulations Captain Dr Ishan Chopra as I say that in my mind it seems surreal. It cannot be put into
words what your accomplishments mean to us. You are not only a hard worker but the self less ness that you show towards others will always make you the be best version of yourself. As a parent it’s always the goal to see your child succeed, but you my son have exceeded anything that I could have dreamt for you. We will forever be grateful as a family for you to bring us so much happiness and in sharing this moment with you along with the countless wonderful memories you have given us, may god bless you and give you the strength and courage to serve the purpose of your field. So proud of you and we cannot wait to celebrate with you.
Love Dadi Ma, Dad, Mom, Shiraz and Maximus.
Mike and Cindy Cady Congratulations Dr. Sean M. Cady! We are so proud of you! Love mom and dad
Aunt Linda, Uncle Vern and Noah! Congratulations Dr, Anthony Guillorn!! What an accomplishment! We are very proud of you! Best wishes for the future!
The Tzaferos Family A HUGE CONGRATS to Dr. Alexa Tzaferos! We are so proud of you! You have made so many amazing achievements in your life. We love you!
Elaine Domenick Congrats so very happy for you good luck and God speed
Lorrie Choman and Family Larger than life Congrats to Marina Ulhaq! We Love You!
Dr. Diane Addo-Yobo Congratulation !!! Way to go bro we are now full circle dynasty complete !!!!!!! Dr. Charles Cudjo Addo-Yobo
Deb Grier Congratulations Dr. Robert Anderson (Bobby)! Everyone is so proud of you. Embrace this moment. Best of luck in all you pursue.
Sherwin Sharifi To Sara Jananeh: Im so proud of you cous, I’m sure you’ll make an excelling doctor! The healthcare industry is lucky to have you on board:)
Anisko Family We sit in wonder, seeing your dream become reality. You dreamed it in second grade. It came to life again watching cancer touch our lives. Dr. Nathan Anisko.
R Naghibi Sara Jananeh!

Congratulations! So happy for you and so proud of you, cuz. Can’t believe this day has come so quickly. Feels like just yesterday you were telling me about high school plays and we were going to see Harry Potter and hitting up Zaxby’s!

It’s all been for this. All your hard work and dedication, all those nights cramming, early mornings, everything that got you here. You’re such a great example of what anyone could hope to become. You’re strong smart independent passionate caring and so much more. You deserve all the best, kiddo, and I know every person/patient who turns to your expertise will sigh with relief to be in you care!

Love you so much! Sending you big congratulations 🥳 and wishing you all the best from out west.

DiMeglio Family Congratulations Dr. Matthew DiMeglio! We are so very proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Good luck in your internal medicine residency. You are going to make a tremendous doctor!
Robin Schaufler Congratulations, Hayley Busch! Not the best of circumstances right now, but I know you'll overcome.
Bipin & Chandrika Vadodaria Mansi today is your special day. Happy graduation day & congratulations on your well-deserved success. All your hard work & sleepless nights have been paid off- now you are a Doctor. Someday you’ll look back & think wow, I graduated at the strangest time ever... until then, we will be here for you, cheering you on, looking forward to whatever life takes you next, & feeling so proud of you. We praying for you as you graduating for pride today, hope for tomorrow, & for love and support to go with you always. Always remember there is no limit to what you can do if you keep believing in yourself. Keep on doing, keep adding to the goodness & beauty in the world. God bless you. Wishing you all the success in your future endeavors.
Shiraz Chopra Congratulations to Dr Ishan Chopra, the first doctor in the Chopra Family! You’ve worked very hard and we have seen you grow into an amazing human being, you are the the shining star of our family and have continued to show us what the result of hard work and dedication is. We are so proud of you and may god give you everything your heart desires.
The Salibs Congratulations Dr. Andrew Kelada! We wish you the best of luck in residency. We are so proud of you! You are going to be an amazing doctor!
Thomas Lopresto Nicolas Lopresto, D.O. Class of 2020,
To you and all 2020 graduates- Congratulations.
You have reached your goal after much apprehension and hard work. You will be great contributors to our society. Surely desperately needed.
May all your dreams come true.
Judith Wallace-Hylton Congratulations, Dr Kissa Z Walker, your family is so very proud of your accomplishments. You will be a great doctor. Love mom
Morlai Sankoh Today we all join to celebrate with you our dear Dr Memu Iye for your outstanding academic achievement. You are indeed a role model in our family. Those who have known you will not be surprised because you've always set high standards in your academic pursuit. We are very proud of you Doc & we pray that God Almighty will continue to guide and protect your path as you enter into new horizon in search of knowledge for the betterment of mankind. Congratulations from Uncle Morlai & family.
Christine Pulice, DO '12 Kathleen, We are so incredibly proud of you and all of your hard work the past 4 years. You are going to be an amazing physician and we can't wait to watch you excel in your residency and future career as an OBGYN! Love, Christine, Larry & Maggie
Keat & Sue Bryan Well done, Travis!! Your knowledge, expertise, and empathy will serve you well as you officially enter the medical profession at Wake Forest. We’re so proud of all you’ve accomplished so far, and see a bright future ahead filled with continued successes! We love you!
Mom & Dad
Alan and Debbie Hark Justin, you’ve worked so hard to accomplish your dream! Congratulations!!! We are so proud of you!! Love, Uncle Alan, Aunt Debbie, Brandon and Jared
Lise & Ned Hark Justin, Congratulations!!! We are so very proud of you and of everything that you have accomplished. We wish for you the most wonderful future, full of love, happiness, and prosperity. Congratulations to PCOM's class of 2020! May your futures be rewarding and everything that you wish them to be.
Brian Devine Congratulations, Sara Jananeh! Be to khaili eftekhar mikonam. And to Ishan, vadhaiyan!
Sallie Lee So proud of you.
It has been a very long road but you have worked hard and should be proud of all you have accomplished. You have such a bright future ahead - enjoy and live every moment. Congrats!
Shahriar Sharifi It's a great time to graduate! Wish you a successful career and a very happy life dear Sara.
Dominick and Joanne Pulice Congratulations Dr. Kathleen Pulice. We are so proud of you. We love you! Mom and Dad
Susan Sharifi Dear Sara, I am so proud of you for this life-changing achievement. Wishing you the life of susses and health and happiness, much love.... khaleh Sousan❤️🥰🌸🥂💐🌹
Farideh Ahmadi Dr. Sara Jananeh, I am so happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day, and so very proud of you worked so hard for this special moment. you will be an amazing doctor . Congratulations on your well -deserved success. with love and pride today and always .Khleh Farideh
Alhaji Sankoh A big congratulations to you Dr Memunatu Kamara. It was a long journey, but you have made it through and graduated with flying colours. Well done! Congratulations and best wishes for the future. May all your dreams come true. Congrats on your outstanding achievement! Hip hip hooray for Dr Kamara! ⭐️🌻🙏.
Love from Uncle Alhaji
The Wallace Family Congratulations Dr.Walker on another milestone. You have demonstrated and shown over and over the importance of serving. Take your wings , go soaring , and be the best disciple you can be.
The Widemans- Rob, Liz and Jacob Congratulations Kathleen! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to watch you grow as a physician. We love you!!
Leonor Dyess Warmest Congratulations on your well-deserved success Natalie Gonzalez!
All your dedication and hard work has been rewarded.
We are very proud of you.
Congratulations to all the graduating Doctors at PCOM.
Dolan Family God bless you Captain Michael T. Dolan Jr., D.O. as you continue to serve our country now as a doctor!!! Our Army just got a special person to care for them!! We are more then proud that you have finally achieved your dream!!! Love you so much!
Cynthia Armand Jazmin, I'm so proud of you bestfriend. You're such an amazing person and your patients are going to be so lucky to have you as their Doctor. Love you so much ! Congratulations Dr.Garcia !!!!!! *clinks wine glass*
Mina Zaki Congratulations doctor Andrew. Finally you did it , you have been waiting for this moment long time.
So now wish you best of luck in you career, lifelong learning and success.
May GOD bless you
Alice Gindy Congratulations Dr. Andrew . You made all of us proud of you. From success and success dear .
Irv Hark Justin, I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished! Bubbie would be so proud.
Love, Zayda
J. Steven Blake, DO '89 Congratulations to all you and especially to those I had the honor to teach on clinical rotations! The class of 2020 will be the foundation for our new normality post COVID-19. I feel confident we are safe in your hands. Think positively, live positively, and provide care positively and your life will be less stressed. Continue to work hard; this is just the beginning of a new chapter! Congratulations and Gid bless.
Helene Ambrosino So proud of Max Ambrosino!! You have worked so hard and you are so dedicated to your profession. Your compassion, your intelligence and your PCOM education will take you far!! Much love as you graduate and always! Mom and Mikey
Bray Family Congratulations Dr. Kissa Z. Walker!! You did it and we are extremely proud and excited for you! Congratulations also to all of the 2020 graduates!
Buchbinder family Congratulations Dr. Sharon Buchbinder!!! We are so proud of you!!!
You are going to be an amazing doctor and your future patients are going to love you!
Best of luck in the Abington!
Love,Papa, Mama, Michelle and Maxik.
Dr. Robert Cuzzolino Congratulations, DO Class of 2020. You earned this degree in a difficult time and I am sure you go forward to serve. Go PCOM! The best students ever.
Tim & Jenn Fradeneck Congratulations Kate! You’ve made us so proud, you will be a great doctor. Take good care of your patients!!!
Barbara Myers Class of 2020: It's been my honor to tell your story from orientation and now to graduation! I am so proud of all of you. With your PCOM training, I am sure you will be an asset to the healthcare teams you are part of. Godspeed to you as you continue your journey. I know you will make us all proud!
Kelsey Busch Congrats Hayley!! Pop off!
Cindy Pena Congratulations, Dr. Brittany Pena Barthelemy! We are so proud of all of your hard work, accomplishments and dedication. The Lord has truly blessed us with a wonderful daughter. May the Lord continue to bless you on your new journey. Love you with all my heart! (Mom)
The Hanbury’s Congratulations to Sharon Longo! We are so excited for you and wish you continued success in the next leg of this journey!
Janelle Brumbaugh, DO '85 It has been 35 years since I walked across that stage to graduate - I probably didn't remember a week later any of the speeches! And I am sure it would have been the same for you. But you are truly an extraordinary class. Not just because you will be attending your graduation virtually but because you are one of the most important group of doctors to join our ranks. You will be starting a residency program where you will be jumping in with both feet instead of spending months doing orientation! Years from now our profession will look back and acknowledge you as one of the best trained and most resilient classes to ever graduate from PCOM!
Kip & Amy Hulett Congratulations Dr. Katie Googe and the rest of your classmates!! We are so proud of all you have accomplished and can not wait to see what the future holds!
Karen McDaniels-Jolly Congratulations class of 2020👍🏽, your school year will never be forgotten! This class year will be always be a part of history. Let this be your motivation to show the world what you were able to overcome, from a world that was shutdown and facing many obstacles🙏🏼 Best of luck to you as you contribute to bringing life back to our world 😊
Gary, Karen, Amber and Jackson Gillette Congratulations 2020 Graduates of PCOM-GA!!!! We are so proud of our favorite graduate, Austin Gillette. Lace up your boots and work hard, good things will come your way. The world of medicine is lucky to have you!!!
Erin Busch Congrats, Hayley!!! This has been such a long, difficult journey, and I’m super proud of everything you’ve accomplished and how you’ve grown over the years. Love you! - your big sis, Erin
Lisa and Efram Silberstein With pride and love, we congratulate you, Dr. Daniel Weinblatt, on reaching this marvelous milestone in your life! We know that you will be a wonderful, compassionate doctor!
Susan Friedman Weinblatt MD Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Weinblatt on this Incredible accomplishment! It has been wonderful to watch you grow from an adorable and precocious toddler into a young man who is so bright, accomplished, caring and kind. Congratulations to Daniel Weinblatt on this Incredible accomplishment! It has been wonderful to watch you grow from an adorable and precocious toddler into a young man who is so bright, accomplished, caring and kind. You have me and our whole family much joy and have always made us proud! It is a special joy to welcome you now as a colleague to the world of medicine! I know that you will be a wonderful doctor! You enter the field at such a challenging time and your skills and abilities will be much needed! I wish you all the best as you start your career. I hope and pray that you will always feel the incredible satisfaction of caring for your patients with skill and with compassion. I love you! Mom. You have me and our whole family much joy and have always made us proud! It is a special joy to welcome you now as a colleague to the field of medicine! I know that you will be a wonderful doctor! You enter the field at such a challenging time and your skills and abilities will be much needed! I wish you all the best as you start your career. I hope and pray that you will always feel the incredible satisfaction of caring for your patients with skill and with compassion. I love you! Mom. My congratulations and best wishes as well to the whole class of 2020! .
Maria and Vinnie Longo Congratulations to Sharon Longo, D.O. and the PCOM graduating class of 2020! Graduation is not the end of your journey but the beginning of one--a challenging and fulfilling career dedicated to the care of the human body and spirit. Eleanor Roosevelt said, " The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Your hard work and dedication has made your dream a reality. We love you and couldn't be more proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad
Colleen and Loy Harris Congratulations Hayley Busch on your graduation! All the best to you as you continue your journey.
Aisha Ghauri Congratulations Dr. Sahel Uddin on your well-deserved success! We're all very proud of you. You're going to make a phenomenal doctor.
Eileen P Beale, DO ‘85 You have so much to be proud of in what you have accomplished. You have a very rewarding and challenging career Ahead of you. Just remember to be grateful to those that assist you along the way. You did not and will not accomplish anything worthwhile without others. Congratulations
Hassan Kamara Congratulations Dr. Memi Kamara, I am soooo proud of you. I can’t wait to see you attack the next phase of your life as you have the previous phases. You are sweetheart, hard worker and a great person. Congrats you 😘😍😘
Mrs Isatu Kamara Congrats to all the graduates of 2020, especially my baby girl Memi Kamara. I knew you will make it and I am very proud of you.May the Almighty God continue to strengthen you and guide you to d the right thing always.Once again Congratulations.
Robert Busch Hayley Busch, I always knew you would succeed at this and everything you put your mind to. Your mom and me are bursting with pride at your graduation. And I know my dad, your grandpa, if he were alive today, would be so pleased at this great milestone.
Albert Congrats Dr. Kamara, I am so proud of you. May God continue to guide and protect you during your career.
Zainab Kamara Congrats Doctor Memuiye Kamara we are so proud of you. I'm so happy for you may success forever be your portion. Congrats again cuzzo you did it
Annu Sharma, DO '11 Congratulations! It must feel so good to have those years studying hard for the exams, Step 1 and rotations now behind you! As you are entering into strange times, know that with each day in the clinic and on the floor, you are part of a team. Good luck at the places you'll go!
Samantha kamara I knew from the moment I met you that you were going to do something great. You were so intelligent and fun. Learning fame so effortlessly for you. I knew you were going to be some type of healthcare worker. You were Always willing to help people without want something back. I just can’t express how very proud of you I am. Congratulations to you and your class. You are gonna be a wonderful doctor without a doubt. Love you and will always have your back. Your big Sis 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️
Connie Keares Congratulations Peter! You will be a great Doctor! We love you!! Mom, Dad and Rachel Keares
Jeanie Dickson, Barry Kinnaly Dr. Kelley Dickson, congratulations 🎈🎉🎊!!! You did it!
You applied yourself over and over , year after year; day and night. Your unfailing dedication to hard work, moving fast and studying hard was inspirational to each of us. I feel so blessed to watch the next chapter of you, but we couldn’t be more proud of you and to cry with you the tears of joy, relief, and celebration so
Bhumika, Nitin and Prachi Vadodaria Congratulations Dr. Mansi Vadodaria for your well deserved success! A bright future is awaiting you and we wish you a very successful journey in life! Congratulations to the entire PCOM-GA class of 2020!!!
Maria Duffy Congratulations to Anna Russell. You are truly amazing. So proud of all you have accomplished and so looking forward to all the future holds for you. No doubt you will succeed and shine brightly no matter what you do. Love saying my niece is a doctor. She may be little but she is fierce. Congrats to the Class of 2020. It’s been quite a ride.
Marina Salib Congratulations Dr. Andrew Kelada!!!
We know how hard and diligently you worked for this day. It is very well deserved. Your future patients have just won a passionate and caring heart before a great physician :) All the family is so proud of your accomplishment. May God bless all your coming steps and have you accomplish many more!!!
Congratulations to all the class of 2020!
Engy Congratulations Dr. Andrew... we are all proud of you..hope you all the success in your new coming life
Anna & Emma Congratulations uncle Andrew. Wish you all the best!
Theresa Riedy Congratulations to Dr.Brittney Shupp! I am so proud of you!!!
Donna and Martin Hopper Congratulations Dr. Brittney Shupp, Class of 2020! ❤️ What an accomplishment! We are so proud of you! We know how much hard work, determination, and perseverance it took and we are thrilled to share this moment with you. We look forward to seeing all you will accomplish! We love you!
UJ, AC and 🐝 Bear, you worked so hard to get to this point! We are very proud of you and love you.
Peachie and Ei Ei Congratulations Dr Amanda Anderson. We adore you!!! Always stay kindhearted❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nancy Garretto Amanda Seamon Anderson I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished . Congratulations! The world needs more Drs. like you! I love you
Madelyn Sine - Karasick, DO and Donna Feeney - Figaniak PCOM Radiology wishes you a picture perfect graduation. May all of your hopes and dreams come true as you begin your careers as Osteopathic Physicians. Congratulations and Best Wishes!
Sue & Bob Busch Congratulations to Hayley Busch and the whole PCOM class of 2020! Hayley, you will be a fantastic pediatrician!
Patricia Roka Congratulations Sharon Longo and class of 2020!! You are all in our hearts
Steven Kircher Congratulations Sharon. You will be a wonderful doctor! So very proud of you!!!
Elana Kircher To Dr. Sharon Longo and the graduating class of 2020. Congratulations to all of you! My wish for you is that you will be successful and fulfilled as you use you knowledge to care for others! We need you!
Mark and Carmen Hall Congratulations Sharon Longo! The Hall’s are so proud of you and your accomplishments. We send our love and best wishes as you start this new journey.
Lisa Casolo Congrats Sharon Longo so very proud of you! <3
Chuck Fischbein Sharon. You continue to make your family and all your friends proud. You will be a fantastic doc. I’m only sorry we’ll never get to work together as closely as I did with your mom, another great doc. Congrats, best wishes and love.
Kathleen Hazelton Well done! Excited for you all to go on and do more great things!
Deb Robinson What an amazing accomplishment, Sharon! Congratulations! Best wishes for a wonderful future!!
Bonnie Cocchiola Congratulations Sharon Longo!! Well done!! 🎊🎈❤️
Marion Tasso Congratulations Sharon you are off to do great things .love Grandma
Starr Kearney, DO '83 I want to say how proud I am of all of you. I am still practicing some 30 years later and I am so thankful I was there to help so many people when they needed it most. I am sure you will feel the same way and see how rewarding your career choice is. Congratulations to the class of 2020!
Matthew Speicher, DO '14 Congratulations Class of 2020!!! This degree will take you places you've never imagined, if you let it. Enjoy the journey! Continue to live up to the expectations you set for yourself, and continue to set them higher each day. Take care of your patients, and take care of yourselves. You are going to do great things, and I am so excited for you!
Dorothy Skiba Pisarski Congratulations to Sharon Longo and all the members of the Class of 2020.
Larissa Fernando Dominy, DO Congratulations to the newly anointed young doctors Class of 2020 - most especially my former Panda Bear Pediatrics students! Each of you have left such a mark on my heart and I am so proud and honored to call you a colleague - you are now officially a PCOM Alum! May you all embrace these unprecedented times with courage knowing that your mentors have given you the wisdom and knowledge to go forth and be part of the solution. Don't forget to thank all the people who got you to this day and continue to be grateful for the support they will give you in the days ahead. May we be able to celebrate your success "Class of 2020" in person one day in the near future but in the meantime accept my "well wishes" and "hoorays" and virtual hugs and kisses to my former PBPeds students! Finally, a quote: "A truly amazing doctor is hard to find....and impossible to forget." So "Class of 2020" go out there and BE AMAZING!!
Jacqueline and Joseph DeFazio Congratulations Dr. Joseph Christopher DeFazio. We are so proud of the hard work and determination you have. Love you!!! Mom and Dad
Tyler Cymet You chose an exciting time to enter the world of healthcare! Glad to have all of you onboard. Gonna need your insights and experience as we enter a new world together.
The Loescher Family Congratulations Sharon Longo! You never cease to amaze us! Love you, Aunt Chrissy, Uncle Jerry, Noah, and Chloe.
Roseanne Celic Congratulations to my wonderful niece Sharon Marie Longo and the Class of 2020! You have made us so proud and we could not be happier for you. You will do amazing things. The world is yours to conquer...Love you!, Aunt Roseanne
Rich and Sue Sewersky Warmest congratulations Sharon Longo on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure!
Cathy Kilcoyne Dr. Maxwell Kilcoyne- as your mom, I’ve watched you grow from a baby to the amazing young man and even more amazing Doctor I know you are and will be! I couldn’t be prouder or happier for and of you! Many many congratulations babe! Receiving the Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association Award is proof of your hard work every single day! “ The world is your oyster babe” now go get it!! I love you always and forever! And to all the other 2020 PCOM graduates- congratulations! And best of luck to you all!!
T.J. Citta, DO '86 Congratulations to the Class of 2020. You are well-trained to enter the Osteopathic profession. Keep your spirits high, keep your heart open and know that you will make a significant difference in those you serve. Treat yourself as you would others - feed your mind, body and soul - to stay strong. Remain curious, suspicious, humble yet passionate. Don't let the sun set on an action untaken. Celebrate these good times - you deserve it!
David & Mary Ann Seamon Congratulations, Amanda Seamon Anderson! We are so proud of you and all that you've accomplished. Your warm and caring personality will make you an exceptional Psychiatrist. Congrats also to your fellow graduates.
Santa Maria D'Angelo, RSM Katie dear, Congratulations on completing this long stretch of a graced-filled dream! The best is still ahead: putting your hard-earned knowledge to work. May you realize the joy of being at the service of others with your talents and skills. God's blessings of dedication in what you undertake and gratitude for gifts received. My prayerful best wishes in all you undertake, Sr. Santa
Paul Williams, DO '86 Best of Luck to the Class of 2020. Congratulations on your accomplishments!
John W. Becher, DO '70 Congratulations and best wishes for a long, successful and rewarding career in the Osteopathic Profession. You all have dedicated yourselves in preparing to become the best physician for your future patients. Be well and be safe.
Sondra Segall & Kent Iverson Congratulations to Justin D. Hark, D.O. and the entire class of 2020!!!! You have work very hard to achieve your goals. We're so proud of you!
Nina Garza, DO '16 Congratulations on such an amazing achievement! Welcome to the world of medicine - you will do great things. Be proud of everything you have done - you have an incredibly bright future ahead of you!
Jessica Lemos Congratulations, Sharon Longo. What an amazing accomplishment! You should be very proud.
Rosita Torres Congratulations Sharon!!!! WoooHooo could not be happier and excited for you at this time! I’ve watched you blossom and take charge to now obtaining your goal. Wishing you the absolute best in your future. I k one that you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Love ya Rosie💖
Rebekah Padilla, DO '19 Congratulations Dr. Efrain Padilla!! Best wishes to the rest of the 2020 class. Soon you will start intern year and finally get to be the doctor you have dreamed of. Remember your patients expect you to be excellent, but they treasure when you are understanding, kind, and compassionate. Reassure them and talk to them. One of my attendings told me this year to keep my patients interests in mind above all else, and to protect them, as if they were my baby. I encourage you to do the same. Read everyday. Ask questions daily. Don't be afraid to look bad by asking questions, it's the best way to learn. Ask questions even when or if you know the answer. Do great things!!
Joel Edelstein, DO '76 Congrats to you all. You will have a challenging but rewarding career ahead of you. As a grad of PCOM you are well prepared to be successful. We all have an awesome responsibility to earn the trust of our patients on a daily basis. Be the best you can.
Matt Sullivan, DO '13 Congratulations Class of 2020! Not how you may have envisioned it, but there is no doubt that you will remember your graduation day. Best of luck to you all as you begin your careers.
David M. Loss, DO '78 The education you received is second to none. With this background you can excel and achieve any goal you desire. The best is yet to come. It won't be easy but definitely rewarding as you provide excellent health care to so many patients. Congratulations
Martiann Bohl-Witchey, DO '02 WOW!! You did it!! All during a pandemic!! Congratulations on a job well done. Good luck in your residencies and if any of you are near Tulsa, OK look me up and I will take you to dinner!!
Larry Anderson Congratulations to the Class of 2020!! You have worked hard to achieve this goal. The best is yet to come. Remember who you are and where you came from. To quote Rocky-"Going in one more round when you don't think you can- That's what makes all the difference in your life"
Jay H. Joseph, DO '56 Congratulation to ALL graduates,
Almost every graduation class has faced some hardships. Yours may be the most difficult.
However, I believe that the excellent training you have received so far, and enduring the current
difficulties, will eventually help you to become outstanding doctors with a most successful medical career.
My Best to you,
Sunny F. Ekwunife, DO '97 Kudos to the Class of 2020. Wishing you all the best in your future chosen specialties. God bless!!!
Asher Edwards, DO '12 Congratulations Class of 2020! Be proud of the excellent training you received! In the busy years that lie ahead as part of your training and careers, do not forget to take a moment to sit with your patients, hold someone's hand when in need, and always show compassion for those who we serve. Good luck!
Mariane & Lou Fragment Way to go, Katie! Congratulations to you as you graduate! Wishing you all the best in all of your endeavors. So happy for you and all of your family. ( Eggplant parm coming your way ) Lots of Love, Mariane & Lou Fragment
Kevin Blasingame, DO '95 Don't be afraid to step into a room with a sick patient.
Keith Kappeler, DO '97 Congratulations to all those graduating. It is a shame the pandemic has taken the special event of a graduation ceremony from you but it is important to enjoy your accomplishment. I cannot believe it has been 23 years since I graduated and you will one day look back and feel the same way. Enjoy your special time and celebrate in whatever means you can.
Michael Shank, DO '80 Congratulations. You have worked hard and I admire your accomplishments!
Speg Dear Katie,
Congratulations!! You will be a wonderful doctor! So very, very proud of you! Love you!
Melissa Rose, DO '01 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! These are certainly strange and trying times but the things that you will learn from this, that we as a medical community will all learn from this - about the disease, ourselves and the world at large, will be SOMETHING as well. Be the change and continue to strive for greatness!
Anthony LoBianco, DO '60 Congratulations to the great class of 2020. I had the honor to train some of you in the Preceptor Program and know you are all more than ready for this next step in your journey to achieve your ultimate goal. Good luck. I wish you the best....always.
Jeanette and Eric Gerena We are so very proud of you. You worked so hard on accomplishing your goal. You did it, sweetheart! May God continue to bless you each and every day. Great job, Dr. Gerena!
Margarita Shugol, DO '02 Dear class of 2020,

Congratulations on this major achievement of your life!
I am sorry that you will not be able to have a traditional ceremony in this difficult times, but please know that we all still cheering you on as you join our profession.
Being PCOM student was the best part of medical training, we all appreciate our teachers and amazing classmates and atmosphere at out school.
You are beginning your life in medicine in challenging times, but I am sure you will be great doctors. Do not forget to take care of yourselves as well- spend time with family members, read, enjoy nature, keep in touch with friends, partners and stay well.
There will be other great times to all to be together like during PCOM reunions in the future.
Congratulations and welcome to the most noble and rewarding profession!

Rita Shugol, class of 2002
Howard Sadinsky, DO '90 ConGRADS! You are now a DO. Despite the current craziness, congratulations on your awesome accomplishments. Now you embark on your residency wishes on becoming the finest Osteopathic physician you can be!
Tom Sabalaske, DO '99 Enjoy the privilege of having a profession where you get the opportunity to help many people of your community. Always keep your focus on the patients over the ever changing business landscape.
Jill E Nye, DO '99 Congratulations Class of 2020! You did it!! You've worked hard to get to where you are today. You'll need to work even harder in the coming years. Listen to your attendings, listen to your colleagues, but most importantly, listen to your patients. It's the single most important thing you can do to help them. You are now PCOM alumni, be proud of this, knowing they've prepared you well! Best wishes for a fulfilling future!
Nicole Spare, DO '10 Congratulations to the class of 2020! You will continue to succeed in each of your paths. May God bless you all!
Tarra Faulk, DO '10 What an amazing time to enter into medicine! Congratulations on the great accomplishment of completing medical school. You have built relationships and established habits that will support you in your future. Don't let these pandemic times dampen your joy. This too shall pass and you will be stronger and more knowledgeable on the other side. Cheers!!!!
Paul Evans DO '79, LL.D (hon.), FACOFP You are a special class given challenges never experienced before. I am confident that you will shoulder these times successfully and be strengthened by them as you learn and serve our patients. We are proud of your accomplishments and are very confident that you will carry on the PCOM tradition with excellence in caring for the whole patient, family, and community. Godspeed in your exciting new careers!
Ellen M. Platt, DO '73 All the best to this graduating class; the ceremony would have been "one brief shining moment" but your careers will be everlasting. And I will quote from Merrill J. Mirman, DO '66, also one of my teachers, who wrote a meaningful message above, very perceptively told my class (47 years ago) a very simple but powerful sentence, "Listen to the patient, (s)he is telling you the diagnosis". I have carried that one sentence with me every day since my graduation in 1973. All the best as you embark on the journey of a lifetime.
Bernadette Hebert Congratulations Sharon Longo. You are one amazing young woman! We are so proud of you!
Robert Venuti, DO '85 Congratulations to the class of 2020. You may not realize the magnitude of the learning you received, both academically and socially. Your are ready to set foot on the next phase of your journey. Remain vigilant to both academics and the art of medicine. It has been embodied in you. Now is your opportunity and mission to change people's lives.
Domenic and Regina DiGuilio Congratulations to Katie DiGuilio and the Class of 2020!
Katie, we are so happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day, and so very proud of you, too! Cheers to today and best wishes for all your tomorrows. Can't wait to see where life will take you next. Wherever it is, our love and prayers go with you!
Murray Zedeck DO '62 Congratulations to the Class of 2020. Hopefully you will look back over many years as I have to your years at PCOM as some of the most formative and best years of your life. Stay in touch with your school and the friends you have made there. Your life will be better for it.
Amanda Dinh Congratulations Katie DiGuilio and the Class of 2020!! Best of luck for future endeavors, you're going to do great things!
Irving J. Klein, DO, '64 Congratulation. Your fun now begins. You will now have the opportunity to have a positive impact on the health and well being of so many people. Enjoy.
Mike Cordas, DO '67 Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. Use it wisely. You will never have another chance. The rest is all memories. Make a lot!!!
Ranieri Joseph Here's a Bible passage I'd like to share with you... personalized FOR YOUR Family

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High (Elyon) will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty (Shaddai). This We declare about the LORD(YHWH): HE alone is our refuge, our place of safety; HE is our GOD (Elohim) and We trust HIM. For HE will rescue us from every trap and protect us from DEADLY DISEASE. HE will cover us with his feathers. HE will shelter us with HIS wings. HE faithfully promises us HIS armor and protection. Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies in the day. Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday. Though a thousand fall at our side, though ten thousand are dying around us, these evils will not touch us. Just open our eyes, and see how the wicked are punished. If We make the LORD (YHWH) our refuge, if We make the Most HIGH (Elyon) our shelter, no evil will conquer us; no plague will come near Our Home nor Our Family. For HE will order HIS angels to protect us wherever We go. They will hold us up with their hands so We won't even hurt our foot on a stone. We will trample upon lions and cobras; We will crush fierce lions and serpents under our feet! Then LORD says, "I will rescue those who LOVE ME. I will protect those who trust in MY NAME. When they call on ME. I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue and honor them. I will reward them with a LONG LIFE and give them MY SALVATION."

Psalms 91:1-16
Scott Dorfner Congratulations and best wishes , I know our profession is in good "hands" stand your ground for your patients and your profession , you'll never tire of it
Douglas E. Mazzuca, DO '83 Congratulations! There is no higher calling than being physician. We need you out here for you compassionate, competent care and a holistic approach to patients no matter your specialty. Don't let these unusual times disconcert you. They are actually opportunities to prosper, and teach the population about good health, proper behaviors and sound medicine.
Gerald F. Robbins DO '71, FACN Our school has come a long way since we graduated. I'm proud of all of you who worked so hard these past four years to receive your Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree which enables you to go out and provide health care to those in need. Don't be discouraged during these difficult times. You have been given a special gift to help others. Use it wisely. Congratulations
Paul Ufberg, DO/MBA '02 Congratulations. You are starting this adventure at one of the most difficult and important times in medical history. Your class will change the world because it has to. Go forth and be great. We are proud to have you as members of our team.
Nicholas J Spagnola DO May God bless all of you as you go forth on your graduation ! It was a long road but a noble profession, to care for people ! Good luck in all you do
H. Sprague Taveau IV, DO '77, MBA, FACOFP At age 77, I still spring out of bed every morning, anxious to get to work taking care of patients. Congratulations to all of you on your accomplishment. As you go forth to apply what you've learned, please keep in mind that your patients don't care how much you know until they know how much you care! Best of luck!!
Jay Roth, DO '15 Congrats! You've earned a strong foundation. Be proud of your osteopathic mindset, and stay true to yourself while building upon it!
Lauren Noto-Bell, DO '06 Congratulations, Class of 2020! From nervous M1s to DOs ready to take on the world. Very proud of you! Always take pride in those letters after your name and the way in which they fundamentally set you apart.
Fred Lindsay, DO '95 Good luck 2020! Listen to your patients, they will teach you well.
Janis Fegley You ARE the future of osteopathic medicine. You HAVE HAD the privilege of education from PCOM, the BEST educators, BEST faculty and staff, and BEST colleagues. May you enjoy your life in the practice of medicine as much as I have. God Bless you all.
Tom Lettich, DO '14 Congratulations to the class of 2020! Looking forward to working alongside you and seeing what you will be bringing to the profession!
Desiree Lerro Congratulations Class of 2020 ! May you maintain your enthusiasm and craving for knowledge and have a most gratifying and fulfilling career.
John S Kasper BG USAR Ret, DO '78 CONGRATS Class of 2020. Remember, the greatest gift your osteopathic training provides you is the privilege of service to others. You'll realize this more and more as you grow in your career. Despite the demands, work at finding balance. Welcome to the ranks!!!!
Regina A. Roman, DO '88 Congratulations to all the graduates of the Class of 2020. You have achieved the first major milestone of your careers. You are about to embark on the next one. Always be proud to be a DO God bless!
Sheila Tetreault Shranatan, DO '94 Congratulations to the Class of 2020! So sorry that you can't celebrate this awesome milestone the way you should. But be proud. Do that which makes you HAPPY and internally rewarded because that's all that matters..GOOD LUCK.
Alex Buford Congrats c/o 2020! May you continue to uphold the PCOM tradition of excellence in whatever you choose to do!!! YOU DID IT!!!
Mary Kirby Congratulations, Katie DiGuilio and the PCOM Class of 2020!
Katie, I am proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Your compassion and dedication in serving others makes a significant difference in this world. Best wishes for a happy, fulfilling future. Love you.
Frank Yanoviak, DO '83 Nissi Dominus Frustra
( A summary of Psalm 127 )
Karen Banks-Lindner, DO '97 Best wishes in your future. DOctor is a great profession. Have fun DO your best and remember it is an art and a science.
Kenneth Doroski, DO '81 I wish you all the satisfaction that a degree from PCOM can offer in fulfilling your career dreams. Be proud of your accomplishment, continue to work hard, bring honor to our College and profession. Best Wishes
Michelle Hobson, DO '80 My sincerest congratulations to each member of the Class of 2020 on your graduation from PCOM! It is a singular achievement of which you and your families should be most proud. I know your path to this day wasn't an easy one, and lots more work to follow but you are on one of the most exciting life journeys that one can take. So, enjoy the day. Work and play hard. Know that you are always part of PCOM!
Greg Frailey, DO '84 As a parent of one of your classmates, and a graduate, I appreciate the amount of work you have put into your education. Soon you will see the joy of applying your education. Congratulations!!
James Ditaranto, DO '84 Congratulations to the class of 2020! You gave graduated from the absolute best medical school that has prepared you to face every challenge in your residency program. We all support you as you enter into the hospitals at this most difficult of times. God Bless you all and I wish you all Good health and fortitude moving forward. You have all the skills and now it's time to use them to help all your patients.
Barbara Joy Jones, DO '14 Wow, you made it! This is the closing of one chapter to open the next. Many of your peers didn't make it, but here you are making your virtual walk across the stage. That first residency paycheck feels great. Getting paid to be a doctor?! Score!!! I'm extremely proud of you brethren. Go off and be great. Love, Dr Jones
Mark Matta, DO '03 While this is not the graduation envisioned by anyone, your class will have perhaps the most memorable and unique graduation year in human history. The degree is earned, the hood is placed, and lives will be touched nonetheless. Congratulations and God bless Class of 2020!
Marla D. Golden, DO '88 Dear Class of 2020,
I so wanted to watch you walk across that stage, get your hoods and diplomas. I'm so proud of all of you! I know this wasn't the way you wanted your four years to end but please know that your accomplishments stand! You did it! You, of all doctors, are in a special position to go out and care for our world of patients. You are forged in the fires of living through a pandemic. You have and will have skills that none of us have. You are our hope. Please take care of yourselves first or you will not be able to help anyone and then go out and be the Osteopathic physicians you are trained to be. We learn to use our hands to touch but realize when you're donning PPE, you can touch someone's heart with a kind look, smiling or caring eyes behind that mask and shield or even a gesture. God bless you. I wish you all the very best and am proud to call you colleagues! Regards, Dr. G
Jeffry Weisfeld, DO '68 The best decision I ever made was to attend PCOM. The career it provided for me was rich with fulfillment. I know the hard work you put in, and am excited for all of you as you start yours. A hearty Congratulations!
C. Cristine Kremer, DO '76 Congratulations & welcome to the profession & lifelong learning. You are our future. Remember your Osteopathic training & philosophy in all you DO. You are always welcome at our monthly (after covid restrictions) CME (1-A) meetings.
C. Cristine Kremer, DO, President, Michigan Osteopathic Neuropsychiatric Society
James H. Black, DO '62 As a member of the Board of Trustees and an alumnus, I offer my sincere congratulations. I have attended graduations for many years and I believe all our alumni are special, but this year you are unique: no live ceremony! Although these are uncharted times, you have been well trained and I am confident you have the flexibility to meet these medically challenging times. I am very proud of all our graduates and wish you all an enjoyable and successful career. Be well and stay safe!
Dr. Sai-Kit Wong, DO '03 Remember, it is an honor to serve. For others, it's a job. For us, it's a calling.
Tom and Alice Sullivan Congratulations to Katie DiGuilio and the Class of 2020! Wishing you all of the best in your very bright futures!
Donna Farrell, DO '88 Congrats to the Class of 2020 and welcome to the family of Osteopathic Physicians. Having come of age during the HIV epidemic, I know you will quickly appreciate the fragility of life and the role that you will play. Despite all of the wonderful science at our disposal, sometimes the best we can offer is our shared humanity and an empathetic touch. You are all being thrown into the deep end of the pool but you are not many wonderful mentors are rising to the occasion. You are also going to be surrounded by all of the heroes it takes to keep our healthcare system working and I hope you will appreciate the maintenance staff as much as the Chief of Medicine. The most important people that you will learn from in these next few years are the nurses. They know more than you at this point in your training so listen to their wisdom , become a part of their team and they will make you better doctors. For those who are married or have families, remember that they still come first! Give them the time and love they deserve and they will always be there for you. I so wish you could have the wonderful ceremony at the Academy of Music , you have all earned it!!!! So go forth and become the best Osteopathic Physicians the world has ever seen....we are all cheering you on!!!!!
Merrill Jay Mirman, DO '66 Congratulations. Welcome to this changing and challenging world. Congratulations upon your graduation. And, welcome to the world! As has been said in literature: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. From being affiliated with PCOM since my graduation, I know that PCOM has prepared you very well for your professional careers.

Jessica Calandra, DO '16 Congratulations to the Class of 2020! You are entering the medical profession at a time when we need you most. Put your patients first, but make the time to take care of yourselves too. I look forward to working with you. Know that you always have our support!
Jasmine Heard, DO '18 Congratulations to the class of 2020! Welcome to the DOctor world! We know that you will continue to uphold the PCOM tradition of excellence in medicine. Special s/o to Dr. Shay Gibson, who is joining us at Cahaba-UAB Family Medicine residency!
John R. Gimpel, DO '88, MED Congratulations to the DO Graduates of the Class of 2020, and their families and other supporters! DO good and always remember, its about the patient!
Kelenne Tuitt, DO '11 Congratulations class of 2020! Remember this journey has just begun. There is something to learn from every experience and know that your compassion may the one thing needed to make a difference in your patients lives!
David Kanze, DO '05, FAAO Congratulations!!! Welcome to the most incredible adventure of your lives!!!
Elliot Blau, DO '66 Best of luck and PCOM will always be with you in life.
Bruce B. Frantz, DO '79 After 40 years as a DO, a patient commented that I am the only DO urologist at the Hershey Medical Center. He asked how I felt about that. I answered being a DO is the "highlight of my life." To all graduates—I hope you can all say the same.
Paulina Rudy Congratulations to my mentors!!! It was an honor to follow in your footsteps at school!!! I wish you all the best in your new adventure!!!
Dan and Lauren Goldsmith Congratulations to Katie DiGuilio and the Class of 2020! Wishing you all of the best in your very bright futures!
Michael McGuinness You have come a long way since those first days in the anatomy lab in August of 2016. I am disappointed that we cannot celebrate your achievements in the usual way. Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes as you advance in your careers!
Mandy Wang Congratulations Dr. Henry Lam. We are very proud of you. You are going to be an amazing doctor!
Stephanie and Fred Caldwell We are SO proud of Doctor Col Sulpuzio. Its been a long journey but you absolutely crushed it, way to go! Can't wait to celebrate with a bustleton chug line!
Steven and Molly Finkelstein Congratulations Dr. Sam Finkelstein. We are very proud of you!!
Scott Weaner Congratulations, you are on your way!
Austin and Darby Amanda, we are so proud of all your accomplishments! You are going to be an amazing doctor and we know your future patients are going to be so lucky to have you. Best of luck going forward, we love you!
Cathy Calestine Congratulations class of 2020! A special Congratulations to Dr. Jesse Calestine. We are so proud of you. What a great well earned achievement. You are going to be a great doctor. Your patients already love you. Wishing you the best of luck and success. Your exciting journey is about to begin. Love Mom
Jennifer Giffels Congratulations Sharon Longo and classmates!!! I'm so proud of you especially these past few months. Can't wait to keep following your journey!
Karen Szczepanski, DO '00 Congrats Class of 2020 with admiration from the Class of 2000!
Edda and Edgar Martanez Congratulations Jerica!! Proud of you. Many blessings to you for exciting future!
Jay McGay Congratulations Nick!!!!!! Your years of hard work has paid off and now you're a DOCTOR. So proud of you and can't wait to see all the incredible things you accomplish. xoxo
The Quiles Familia Congratulations Jerica!! We are so proud of everything you've accomplished and wish you all the best as you move into your next phase of your life.
Rachel Eisenmann Class of 2020: It's been a pleasure working with all of you throughout your years at PCOM. Thank you for allowing me to tell your story through social media and to be able to witness your accomplishments! So #PCOMproud of each and every #PCOMgrad! You're going to be amazing doctors!
Steven and Molly Finkelstein Congratulations, we are very proud of you!!
Joanne Neavear Dr. Melissa Neavear. I am so proud of you. We will celebrate in the future. You have worked so hard for this special moment. You are going to be a great doctor, with that big heart of yours. Love you always and forever. Love mom.
Tung-To Lam You did it, Henry Lam!
Joann Lopresto Congratulations to Dr. Nicholas Lopresto & the class of 2020. May all your dreams come true!
Christine Byrnes "Behind you all your memories; Before you all your dreams; Around you all who love you; Within you all you need". ** Congrats Dr. Melissa Neavear! So very proud of you!
Nicki Sayre Austin Schatzman,
So proud of you for all your hard work over the past few years! You are going to be an amazing doctor! Best of luck in the Lehigh Valley!!!
Love, Nicki and Sophie Sayre
Robert Dolansky, DO '95 Congrats! It's so great to have another 250+ PCOM DOs! DO great things!
Tracey Yeshulas Congratulations to all the wonderful graduates! We are all so very proud of you! Especially you, Stormie Gough!!
Ben Nixon A HUGE congrats to Abdul Walters!
Donna Figaniak Wow Class of 2020. I will always remember you. Prayers for your future endeavors. Please stay safe and healthy. You worked so hard for this achievement. Congratulations!
Rebecca Reed First and foremost congratulations to all of you! Hold your heads up high as you walk out into the new world you are about to experience. No matter where life leads you, always remember that the real strength in every physician lies in your ability to help people, to build them up. This is particularly true as you enter your residency. Take care of yourself and your colleagues so that you may be able to care for your patients to the best if your ability. It won't be easy but I promise you it will be rewarding in a way that no other career can offer you.
Francis Jenney Congratulations and best of luck sailing off into the storm without even a pocket handkerchief. Always remember, Mind, Body, Spirit (and Microbiota!)
Carrie Collins To the graduates of 2020, congratulations on this amazing accomplishment! We welcome you with open arms into the ranks of our nearly 20,000 alumni. Keep in touch and let us know how you're doing!