Student Enrollment Data

The Registrar’s Office compiles annual reports detailing enrollment by program.

Fall 2016

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Programs

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (Philadelphia Campus) 1,084
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (Georgia Campus) 534

Doctor of Pharmacy Program

Doctor of Pharmacy (Georgia Campus) 382

Graduate Programs (Philadelphia Campus)

Clinical Psychology (PsyD) 127
School Psychology (PsyD) 66
School Psychology (MS) 18
School Psychology (EdS) 43
Aging and Long-Term Care Administration (MS) 6
Biomedical Sciences (MS) 104
Counseling and Clinical Health Psychology (MS) 12
Mental Health Counseling (MS) 41
Forensic Medicine (MS) 80
Physician Assistant Studies (MS) 109
Organizational Development and Leadership (MS) 17
Public Health Management and Administration (MS) 21
Certificate Programs 13

Graduate Programs (Georgia Campus)

Biomedical Sciences (MS)
Physician Assistant Studies (MS) 20
Organizational Development and Leadership (MS)
Organizational Development and Leadership Certificate 8

Total Enrollment

All Programs 2,826