Faculty and Staff Giving

Our founders wore many hats. They were teachers and administrators; they supervised clubs and coordinated student life; they maintained the buildings and grounds. Working off campus during weekends and breaks, they donated their meager earnings to help their new school survive and thrive.

Today, faculty members and professional staff perform the myriad functions necessary to fulfill the PCOM mission. Like our founders, hundreds of us contribute not only our time and talents, but a portion of our treasure as well.

Our philanthropy encourages and inspires alumni, friends, corporations and foundations who are considering their own investments in PCOM.  More importantly, our gifts directly touch and change students' lives in countless ways.

We know what makes PCOM special. We make it happen and we see the results every day.  What's more, we recognize our even greater potential. Faculty and staff giving provides the extra resources needed to fully realize our promise.

Whether you send a check, use your credit card, or authorize convenient payroll deduction, your gift makes the PCOM experience better and more affordable for all and underscores your personal commitment to our shared mission.