Certificate in Organizational Development and Leadership

The Organizational Development and Leadership Certificate Program, offered at PCOM and PCOM Georgia, is designed to enhance your skills and competencies as a leader practitioner directing or engaging in change in any organizational setting.

Through graduate-level coursework, you will learn to deliver optimal results at all levels. Designed to meet the needs of students who are employed full-time, the certificate program features flexible start and completion times. Classes are taught on the weekend and supplemented by an online learning component.

The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (12 credits) is for those individuals who have received an advanced degree in any discipline, while the Certificate of Graduate Studies (18 credits) is for those individuals who have received their bachelor’s degree and seek graduate-level learning experiences to enhance their leadership skills and understanding of organizational dynamics.

Additionally, the Organizational Development and Leadership CAGS can be pursued in conjunction with other PCOM degree programs including the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling, School Psychology, Forensics and Biomedical Science programs.



Program Highlights

Thriving organizations have leaders who understand people and their inherent behaviors within organizational systems, know how to apply solutions to enhance the organization’s productivity and overall climate, and possess highly-developed skills to guide, motivate and create models for exceptional human performance and productivity. To help students develop these skills, PCOM’s ODL program offers:

  • Practical application of theory with real-life experiences
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio
  • Diversity in student backgrounds and intergenerational learning
  • Authenticity and self-awareness discovery for students
  • A support network for alumni


Course Offerings

Students pursuing the CAGS-ODL should choose four courses from the course offerings indicated below for a total of 12 credits. Students pursuing the CGS-ODL​ should choose six courses from the course offerings indicated below for a total of 18 credits. Please note, course offerings are subject to change. 

Course Offerings for CAGS and CGS in ODL

ODL 501 Foundations and Systems of Organizational Development 3 credits
ODL 508 Leadership for Practitioners 3 credits
ODL 516 Developing Systems Literacy: The Organization Workshop 3 credits
ODL 517 Communication Skills for Leaders 3 credits
ODL 520 Appreciative Inquiry 3 credits
ODL 522 Leader as Meeting Designer and Facilitator 3 credits
ODL 524 Coaching Skills for Leaders 3 credits
ODL 525 Consulting Skills for Community Engagement 3 credits
ODL 528 Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Lab 3 credits
ODL 530 Special Topics in ODL 3 credits

Other courses from the ODL curriculum may be substituted with approval from the program director.

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