Organizational Development and Leadership

PCOM and PCOM Georgia

Organizational Development and Leadership Programs

To be an effective leader, you have to be authentic and to be authentic you have to understand yourself and your impact on others. As a student in the Organizational Development and Leadership (ODL) program, you will learn how to leverage yourself to deliver results across your organization.

You’ll bring the issues that are most important to you and your organization into the classroom. Through mentoring, coaching and peer collaboration, you will gain insight into your unique situation and learn how to design strategies which positively impact the effectiveness of your organization and the careers and lives of all who work there.

We will teach you how to understand the dynamics of your organization and how you can become an effective leader within your organization.

Career Options

ODL graduates are positioned to influence change as executives, administrators or as individual contributors collaborating across organizations to deliver optimal results. Upon completion of your studies, you will have the skills to:

  • build consensus around a shared vision.
  • navigate change for yourself and those you lead.
  • diagnose issues and design interventions.
  • embrace diversity to build a collaborative team and deliver results.
  • improve individual and organizational performance.

Lead for Impact

ODL students benefit from a cutting-edge learning environment that promotes critically important leadership concepts:

  • Use of self as a powerful instrument for change and innovation
  • Collaborative leadership promoting organizational learning
  • Lead and influence from any level in the organization
  • Design skills to improve individual and organizational performance

Our Programs

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine offers several pathways to learn and practice Organizational Development and Leadership.

Master of Science Programs

Students may pursue two master of science degree options.

Dual Degree Program

Students who have successfully completed their first year of medical study may pursue a dual degree program designed to enhance professional practice as a doctor of osteopathic medicine.



Certificate Programs

Both campuses offer a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) and Certificate of Graduate Studies (CGS) in Organizational Development and Leadership (ODL).