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COVID-19 Update: MS in Biomedical Sciences Program 
Course Delivery Plans Winter Term

Since the time of the MS in Biomedical Sciences program’s founding, its faculty has practiced with a personal approach to connect with students, and they are bringing that attitude to their online instruction as well. This fall, you can expect to meet your professors and teaching assistants and get to know them. Following a mixed modality approach to learning, we will blend prerecorded presentations and self-guided activities with periodic synchronous (live, online) sessions for Q&A, team-based learning, peer-mentoring and teaching, and content synthesis.

Students and faculty will also interact as a class, in groups, and one-on-one in discussion boards and with online video conferencing tools such as Google Meet and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. And of course, email is there for quick questions or to set up an impromptu video meeting reminiscent of dropping by the professor’s office when the door is open.

As professionals who keep up with educational trends, we have been training for online instruction well before the pandemic hit. Rest assured that in each course we continue to make every effort to ensure that the content and the curriculum meet all standards of the degree of Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences, including clinical relevance that lays the foundation for your career in healthcare or related field.

The Biomedical Sciences program is offered at all three PCOM locations. Location-specific details for the fall are as follows:

PCOM (Philadelphia, PA) - The faculty adopted an entirely online curriculum for both first-year and second-year courses for the fall 2020 term. Following policies established for all PCOM programs for the winter 2020-2021 term, the MS in Biomedical Sciences program will continue its online instructional model through January 18, 2021. Regarding the remainder of the winter term, we hope to announce our decision soon. For further information, please contact program director Dr. Marcus Bell.

PCOM Georgia (Suwanee, GA) - Content will be delivered virtually for winter 2020-21. COVID status is evolving and dynamic. Therefore, the method by which the educational content is delivered will be evaluated prior to each subsequent term. Every effort will be made to inform students with sufficient notice prior to the beginning of the term so that students can adjust to the method of delivery. It is likely, however, that virtual/online delivery of material will predominate in the 2020-21 academic year. For additional information, contact program director Dr. Lori Redmond.

PCOM South Georgia (Moultrie, GA) - Since 90 percent of the PCOM South Georgia biomedical sciences curriculum in the first two terms will be delivered within the first year Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) curriculum, our perspective has been that if possible, following appropriate recommendations, we would be in person if the DO courses are in-person, in whatever form that may take. Clearly, that is preferred educationally if possible in a safe manner. If the DO curriculum is virtual, then biomedical sciences will be as well. Please contact program director Dr. Ed Shaw for additional information.

Looking to winter and spring 2021, we can’t predict the future, but we can say how we plan to adapt to it. We are keeping an open mind and will create as many opportunities for in-person and hands-on learning as we can. Our goals are to keep all in the PCOM community safe, to maximize educational benefit to our students, to minimize disruptive changes during the term, and to keep you as informed as possible.

Finally, we want to emphasize that PCOM exists because of you and for you, and we remain devoted to mentoring you. We look forward to meeting you and providing whatever guidance and support you may need to complete your studies. We will apprise you of any further information when the program commences and as updates are available.

For more information regarding COVID-19 planning for PCOM's School of Health Sciences, please review a message from Dean Gregory McDonald, DO.