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Neuro-behavioral Science Concentration Curriculum
MS in Biomedical Sciences

The Neuro-Behavioral Science Concentration requires 21-24 hours of coursework. The courses listed below are subject to change. Details regarding current course offerings are available in the course catalog.


Required Courses (13-15 credits)

Learning: Theory and Application (Summer) 3 credits
Theories of Counseling (Fall) 3 credits
Special Topics in Neuroscience Application (Fall) 1 credit
Physiological Basis of Behavior (Winter) 3 credits
Clinical Neuroscience (Winter) 2 credits
Neurobehavioral Capstone (Spring) 1-3 credits

Additional Required Courses (1-5 credits)

Research Methods PA Department
- or -
Research Methods Forensic Medicine Department
1 credit
- or -
4 credits
Interprofessional Seminar & Journal Club 1 credit

Elective Courses (1-3 credits)

Students will have the option of taking an elective course subject to approval by the program director. This course can be taken from School Psychology, Clinical Psychology, GERO, ODL programs etc. Examples include Psychopharmacology, GERO Psych, English Language Learners, etc.