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Organizational Leadership Concentration

MS in Biomedical Sciences

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Organizational Leadership in the Biosciences Concentration 
MS in Biomedical Sciences

A concentration in organizational leadership in the biosciences opens doors to management and leadership opportunities within major corporations, hospitals and medical facilities. 


As a student in our program, you will learn to improve organizational and human effectiveness through coursework in organizational development and leadership (ODL), team dynamics, change theory and small and large system diagnosis. Concentration coursework is delivered online and is available to students at all PCOM locations.

Program Objectives

Our students will demonstrate knowledge of and proficiency in the following areas upon completion of the organizational leadership concentration:

  • Leadership and ethics
  • Self-awareness and authenticity
  • Group dynamics
  • Systems thinking
  • Conceptual intervention design
  • Business/organizational knowledge acumen
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Consulting
  • Effective communication
  • Diversity and inclusion

Students will also be able to:

  • apply skills and techniques of organizational leadership, psychological theory, program evaluation and performance-based outcomes measures in bioscience leadership.
  • apply the theoretical aspects of group, organizational and systemic thought in the real world.
  • demonstrate an understanding of scientific method, data analysis and empirical inquiry.
  • apply advanced skills to access, synthesize and interpret relevant literature.
  • show proficiency in written and oral communication of bioscience and organizational leadership topics.
  • demonstrate effective use of computer technology in researching biomedical science and organizational leadership topics.


After completing foundation year coursework, students may progress to the second-year degree concentration in organizational leadership.

The information listed below is from the current course catalog. Terms, sequences, courses and credit hours are subject to change at any time without notice.

Second Year Concentration Courses
Plan of Study Grid
Second Year
Term 1Hours
ODL 501 Foundations and Systems of Organizational Development 3
ODL 508 Leadership for Practitioners 3
ODL 510 Capstone: Action Research Project 3
ODL 516 Developing Systems Literacy: Organizational Workshop 3
ODL 517 Comm Skills for Leaders 3
ODL 504
or ODL 505
or ODL 506
or ODL 514
or ODL 520
or ODL 523
Personal and Professional Development (Six Options, Pick 3)
or Team Dynamics
or Social Factors and Cultural Diversity
or Managing Emotional Systems in the Work Place
or Appreciative Inquiry
or Adventure Leadership
 Total Hours24