Introduction to Nursing Home Administration
120 Hour Program

The 120-hour Introduction to Nursing Home Administration program has been pre-approved to meet the Pennsylvania Nursing Home Administration educational requirement for state licensure. 

PCOM is leading the field in aging and long-term care education and offers two exciting ways to pursue professional development in our rapidly evolving field:

Master of Science Aging and Long Term Care Administration (MS ALTCA)

PCOM's MS in ALTCA program includes NHA 120-hour licensure preparation:


Nursing Home Administration Continuing Education and Licensure Preparation

PCOM, an innovator in the design and delivery of leadership programs, is shifting the design and delivery of the NHA Program from face-to-face to a fully on line delivery starting in the summer of 2019.

Why this change?

This shift to an on line delivery provides the best opportunity for committed professionals across our region and the nation to access current education and receive preparation to sit for the licensure exams. We see this as an opportunity to have the biggest impact to serve the leaders and providers who support our seniors through various programs and services along the continuum of care. As participants, you will have 24/7 access to the curriculum to best accommodate your schedules as working professionals.

When is the change happening?

We are intending to launch the fully online program by this summer 2019. More detailed information regarding the overview of the program, course content, registration, how to access online, etc. will be communicated by the end of April.

We recognize that it is important to keep you informed while we implement this change. To support you and answer your questions we offer the following contact information. Please feel free to phone or email us.  

Mary Austin, Director of NHA Program
Phone: 215-871-6618

Rachel Cuffeld, Coordinator for ODL Program
Phone: 215-871-6533


Course Topics

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Administration, Organization, and Management in LTC

The goals include:

  1. introduction to the practice of administration and leadership;
  2. understanding compliance issues involving Pennsylvania regulations
  3. an introduction to the Pennsylvania regulations and methods to implement these state-specific rules.

Gerontology, Diseases of Aging, Death and Dying

The goals include:

  1. understand how common diseases and disorders in aging impact the delivery of LTC;
  2. understanding the role of physicians, nurse practitioners, PA-Cs and other health professions in the context of long-term care;
  3. understand the requirements and role of the medical director;
  4. understanding society’s perceptions of death and dying in the context of modern medicine.

The Role of Government in Health Policy and Regulation

The goals include:

  1. understanding the evolution of health care in the US;
  2. understanding the forces that influence the development of health policy and the payment of health services;
  3. appreciate the impact of changes in health policy as they affect long-term care residents and providers.

Fiscal Management, Budgeting and Accounting

The goals include:

  1. understanding the basic principles of accounting and financial terminology;
  2. understanding the process of budget development and ledgers;
  3. understanding the principles of auditing.

Government and Third-Party Reimbursement

The goals include:

  1. understanding the function of governmental agencies in Medicare, Medicaid and VA payments;
  2. understanding the policies and procedures of the governing body in ensuring corporate compliance;
  3. developing strategies to protect against fraud and abuse.

Personnel Management and Labor Relations

The goals include:

  1. understanding the state and federal laws regarding hiring, counseling, termination, drug screens, the ADA, interviewing, advertising and criminal background checks;
  2. understand the processes of employee selection, promotion and job match;
  3. understand labor laws and union rules in a LTC environment.

Preparing for Licensure/Certification/Accreditation/Surveys. Meeting other Regulatory Requirements

The goals include:

  1. understanding the process of off-site and on-site inspections as well as the multiple types of inspections performed by the Department of Health;
  2. understanding the process of devising a plan of correction for the statement of deficiencies;
  3. understanding the process of survey readiness;
  4. understanding the components of the Five Star Quality Review.

The Nursing Department and Resident Care Management

The goals include:

  1. understanding the depth and capacity of the nursing department, the scope of practice of nurses and the staffing requirements to ensure care;
  2. understanding specific areas of nursing concern including pressure ulcers, medication administration, infection control, fall prevention, MDS, care planning and documentation;
  3. understanding employee recruitment, supervision and management.

Social Services, Family, and Community Relationships and Resident Rights

The goals include:

  1. understanding the role and regulations pertaining to the therapeutic activities department and how these needs are implemented in a quality of life program in LTC;
  2. Understanding the role and requirements of social work practice in LTC;
  3. understand how Resident Rights are protected and supported in a nursing home environment.

Dietary Department and Resident Nutrition

The goals include:

  1. understanding the role, function and management of clinical dietetics in a LTC setting;
  2. understanding the role of food service management, sanitation, meal preparation, food storage and procurement; 
  3. understanding the role of the food service manager, employee management and quality of services
  4. understanding how to conduct environmental rounds in the kitchen and the promotion of sanitation from storage to meal preparation to dining room delivery.

Rehabilitation and Special Care Services

The goals include:

  1. understanding the role of the physical, occupational and speech therapist in the provision of skilled and non-reimbursable services;
  2. understand the responsibilities for appropriate goal setting, charges and coordination of care with the nursing department;
  3. understanding the implementation of a restorative nursing program;
  4. understanding the role of the MDS in the documentation and billing of therapy services.

Health Support Services: Pharmacy, Medical Records, Diagnostic Services

Pharmacy/Medical Records. The goals include:

  1. an understanding of the regulations pertaining to the prescription, dispensing, storage and administration of medication sin LTC;
  2. understanding the role of the consultant pharmacist in reducing medication error, duplication, drug-drug interactions and drug-food interactions;
  3. understanding the requirements of the medical records director, staff and consultant in ensuring the proper storage and documentation of paper and electronic files.

Facility Support Services: Buildings and Grounds, Housekeeping, Laundry, Central Supply

The goals include:

  1. understanding how to conduct environmental rounds in all areas of the physical plant;
  2. understanding, interpreting and implementing interventions pertinent to the laundry, maintenance and housekeeping areas of the facility;
  3. understanding the goals and regulations of Life Safety and how architectural changes impact compliance.

Risk Management, Safety and Insurance

The goals include:

  1. understanding the use of multiple risk assessments in the evaluation of clinical risk;
  2. understand the basic concepts of loss reduction and interventions to mitigate risk;
  3. understand the concepts of insurance

Federal Regulations/Principles of Health Care Administration - Part 1

The goals include:

  1. an understanding the federal regulations pertaining to LTC facilities; 
  2. the application of principles of management to the nursing home setting;
  3. the role of the nursing home administrator in the provision of care within federal regulations.

Federal Regulation Update and NHA Review - Part 2

(As above); Federal regulation, course refresher and NHA examination preparation.

Strategic Planning, Marketing & Public Relations

The goals include:

  1. understanding the process of electronic and print marketing campaigns and the differentiation of the facility in the LTC market;
  2. how to devise a strategic plan for a LTC facility;
  3. identifying strategies to respond effectively to public relations issues in nursing home settings.