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Internship Curriculum

The rotating internship provides a solid foundation in the fundamental clinical skills of medicine, resulting in the graduate being well prepared to start residency in whatever field they have chosen.

The standard curriculum includes:

  • General internal medicine
  • Family medicine
  • Emergency medicine
  • General surgery

The internship program also includes:

  • Daily morning reports.
  • Teaching rounds with attending physicians.
  • Monthly behavioral medicine lecture series.
  • Monthly OMM lecture/hands-on series.
  • Noon lecture series which includes Tumor Board.
  • Guest lecture series featuring outside speakers.


Interns are also welcome to attend core lectures given for PCOM's residency programs.


Department of Graduate Medical Education

Department of Graduate Medical Education
4190 City Avenue, Suite 409
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Phone: 1-800-778-4723