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Director of PsyD in School Psychology Program

Yuma I. Tomes, PhD, ABA


Email: yumato@pcom.edu
Office: 215-871-6946
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Dr. Tomes has accumulated a diverse range of work experiences in the field of psychology and education over the last 15 years. He brings a unique perspective of clinical, teaching, research, and administrative experiences to his position at PCOM.

Dr. Tomes previously held the position of director of the MS Program in School Psychology. During his tenure as director, a multicultural emphasis was added to the curriculum, students successfully completed comprehensive finals at a 100% pass rate, and students were well-grounded in psychological theory and entry counseling skills. Dr. Tomes was appointed the Director of the PsyD program in July 2012.

Across campus, Dr. Tomes created and chaired PCOM's first Diversity Committee to address and educate faculty, students and staff on cultural diversity issues.


Dr. Tomes began his career as a school psychologist for an urban school district in North Carolina. During this time he brought comprehensive services - psycho-educational assessments, behavioral/educational/psychological consultation, mental health counseling/therapy and pre-interventions - to two elementary and one high schools. Also, Dr. Tomes conducted numerous district and county-wide in-services, particularly on the topic of dealing with challenging behaviors at school, home and within the community.

While pursuing his post-graduate degree, Dr. Tomes worked in the Division of Student Affairs as a Coordinator of Residence Education for the Medical College of Virginia. This further piqued his interest in working in a medical school environment. At the close of his doctoral program, Dr. Tomes assumed the position of the director of counseling for Virginia Union University (VUU). As the director, he revamped how psychological services were administered to students and faculty. The time as a teaching fellow at VCU and director at VUU helped to solidify Dr. Tomes interest in working with students on the undergraduate and graduate level. He taught classes ranging from advanced educational psychology to human development and learning.

Dr. Tomes final position, prior to joining PCOM, was with Eastern Washington University, where he was an assistant professor in the Department of Counseling, Educational, and Developmental Psychology. As assistant professor, Dr. Tomes created courses that addressed multicultural psychology and assessed students of all ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Dr. Tomes taught such courses as Professional School Psychology, Advanced Educational Psychology, Multicultural Assessment, Psychological Behavior & Assessment, and Counseling Theory & Techniques. In addition, Dr. Tomes was the internship supervisor for the graduate program in school psychology. He had interns placed throughout the entire southwestern region of the United States. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Dr. Tomes served as the departments faculty senator and chair of the educational psychology committee. During his tenure in the state of Washington, he served as the Chair of the Ethics and Professional Practice Committee for Washington State Association of School Psychologists. As chair, he was responsible for handling the States concerns on all ethical issues facing the profession.

  • Education

    BS (Developmental Psychology) - University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
    MA/CAS (Child/School Psychology) - Appalachian State University
    PhD (Educational Psychology) - Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia

  • Courses

    SPSY 634 Multicultural Community School Psychology
    SPSY 690 Dissertation Seminar
    SPSY 514 Multicultural Issues in Psychology

  • Research

    Dr. Tomes' major areas of research and interests are: cross-cultural psychology, multicultural/psychological/educational assessments, cognitive/learning styles, and issues surrounding GLBTQ populations. Dr. Tomes' research has appeared in a variety of national journals and throughout a wide range of textbooks. Currently, Dr. Tomes is the Associate Editor of the Trainers' Forum and is author of, Cross-Cultural Interaction & Understanding: Theory, Practice and Reality (2013).

    Internationally, Dr. Tomes has conducted studies in London, England, Dublin, Ireland, and South Africa. His scholarship has been published in a variety of journals and textbooks such as Multicultural Perspectives, Diversity In Action, and Personality Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence, just to mention a few. He is certified and/or licensed in four states and has made local and national TV appearances on NBC and ABC ranging from topics in bullying to community and multicultural psychology and GLBTQ issues.

  • Awards

    Dr. Tomes has been recognized for his work and in 2007, was the first recipient of the Junior Faculty of the Year awarded by Psychological Corporation and TSP. Other national organizations, such as NCATE has recognized his service to the Board of Program Reviewers. Dr. Tomes has been recognized by American Colleges and University as an Emerging Leader and Scholar. Dr. Tomes has applied for and/or obtained several grants to address cognitive/learning styles and diversity in psychology and education.

  • Publications

    Recent State/Regional/National Research Presentations

    Tomes, Y. (2014). HIV/AIDS in the Black Community. National Black Nurses Association, Philadelphia, PA

    Tomes, Y. (2011). Man in the Mirror. National Meeting of SNMA, Philadelphia, PA.

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    Rossi, K., Mack, L., Daniel, A., Eubank, B., Tomes, Y., & Kolts, R.L. (April 2005). Effects of stereotype cueing on rape attributions and victim blame?, Western Psychological Association, Portland, OR.

    Current Scholarship

    Tomes, Y.I. (2014). The untold diversity: The impact individual cognitive differences have on classroom instruction:, Learning Disabilities, 20, 2-22.

    Ortiz, S., Johnston, H., Wilcox, G., Franics, S. & Tomes, Y. (2014). The primacy of IQ subtest analysis to understand reading performance for culturally diverse groups, Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 20(1), 45-54.

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    Tomes, Y. (2004). Cognitive style, achievement, and ethnicity: A study in higher education. (Doctoral Dissertation, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2004), Dissertation Abstracts.

    Forthcoming Publications

    Tomes, Y. (under review). African American’s family’s influence on academic achievement of urban secondary students, Journal of Black Psychology

    Tomes, Y. (under review). Stress-related exposure of African American adolescents in school settings, Journal of Black Psychology

    Tomes, Y. (under review). Educators’ utility of CBM. School Psychology Review

    Tomes, Y. (under review) CLASS. Stoneleigh Foundation (under review)

    Tomes, Y. (under review) Healthcare-On Demand. Robert V. Johnson Foundation

    Tomes, Y. (Fall, 2006). Creating a cognitive model for academic success in a prehospilization programs. Lindback Foundation.

    NASP Presentations

    Tomes, Y. (2009). Multicultural learning modules, NASP Annual Convention, Boston, MA.

    Tomes, Y. (2008). Teacher's perceptions regarding the utility of curriculum based measurements, NASP Annual Convention, New Orleans, LA.

    Tomes, Y. (2007). Creating a cognitive style module for academic success and resiliency. NASP Annual Convention, New York, NY.

    Authored Textbooks

    Tomes, Y. (2013). Cross-Cultural Interaction and Understanding: Theory, Practice, Reality. New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

  • Memberships

    Eastern Region Representative, Association of Black Psychologists
    President, Delaware Valley Association of Black Psychologists Member, National Association of School Psychologists
    Member, American Counseling Association
    Member, American Educational Research Association
    Member, American Psychological Association
    General Assembly, Association of Black Psychologists