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Department of Bio-Medical Sciences - PCOM 
Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
Associate Dean of Osteopathic Curriculum - Philadelphia Campus

Kerin L. Fresa, PhD

Dr. Kerin Fresa joined the college faculty as an associate professor in 1994. She teaches immunology and related topics in the osteopathic medicine program and directs the Comprehensive Basic Science Review and Synthesis course. She co-directs the Clinical Reasoning in Basic Science course and the Introduction to Clerkship.


Dr. Fresa-Dillon earned a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from the Medical College of Pennsylvania. She served as a postdoctoral fellow at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine.


Christian R. and Mary Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, PCOM, 2001


Recent publications:

Little, C.S., Bowe, A., Lin, R., Litsky, J., Fogel, R.M., Balin, B.J. and Fresa-Dillon, K.L. Age-related changes in the extent and severity of C. pneumoniae infection in Balb/c mice. Infection and Immunity 73: 1723-1734, 2005.

Fresa-Dillon, K.L., Cuzzolino, R., and Veit, K.J. Development of a class mission statement as part of orientation exercises for incoming medical students. JAOA 104: 251-259, 2004.

Ye, X., Mody, N.S., Hingley, S.T., Coffman, F.D., Cohen, S., and Fresa, K.L. Protein phosphorylation associated with epipodophyllotoxin-induced apoptosis of lymphoid cells: Role of a serine/threonine protein kinase. Clin. Immunol. Immunopathol. 89: 117-125, 1998.

Sakabe, K., Okuma, M., Kazuno, M., Yamaguchi, T., Yoshida, T., Furuya, H., Kayama, F., Suwa, Y., Fujii, W., and Fresa, K.L. Estrogenic xenobiotics affect the intracellular activation signal in mitogen-induced human peripheral blood lymphocytes: immunotoxicologic impact. Int. J. Immunopharm 20: 205-212, 1998.

Sakabe, K., Okuma, M., Kawashima, I., Kazuno, M., and Fresa, K.L. Sex hormones affect the intracellular activation signal in mitogen-stimulated human blood lymphocytes. Pathophysiology 5: 73-77, 1998.


Dr. Fresa-Dillon is a member of the American Association of Immunologists, Sigma Xi and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.