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Department of Clinical Psychology 
Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. White currently serves as clinical associate professor of psychology. In addition to her PCOM responsibilities, Dr. White works as a clinical consultant to one of the largest community health care providers in the country and has been in private practice for several years.

Dr. White's private practice has focused on working with sexually abused children, adolescents and their families. Additionally, she has conducted numerous sexual abuse evaluations for the Philadelphia County Department of Human Services.

Dr. White has presented at professional conferences and has traveled internationally to lead several workshops and trainings on various topics.


Beverly Phillips White, PsyD received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and she returned to join our core faculty in November 2005.

Dr. White completed her undergraduate studies in psychology and sociology at Connecticut College for Women. She pursued graduate studies in social sciences and social work at Hunter College in New York. Dr. White has also had formal and extensive postgraduate coursework through her previous background in leadership and organizational development in the science and application of social psychology and, over a 13-year period, she studied social psychology internationally in several different countries including Japan, Germany, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Taiwan and Korea.


Dr. White's mentoring and research interests include projective assessment methods, cross-cultural assessment, the cross sections of spirituality, religion, philosophy and CBT in treatment, the functions of the right and left brain hemispheres, and trauma. Her pursuant concentration on social psychology, cultural and individual diversity and spirituality and mental health continue to be areas of strong interest as well.